Bamo EF/EFC Level Electrodes for Wells

Bamo EF/EFC Level Electrodes for Wells is sent into a so-called reference electrode. When the liquid is in contact with the reference and the level electrode (trigger point), the current passes through the conductive liquid. This short circuit is detected by a relay ES 2001 that activates a contact to trigger an alarm (remote signal).

EF 16 electrode is a single contact electrode. EFC 16 electrode is a dual-contact electrode, the outer body is used as the reference. No needs to provide a special ground connection. Measuring current returns through the shield of the coaxial cable connected to the outer body.

Bamo EF/EFC Features

  • Compact electrodes
  • All stainless steel
  • For conductive liquids
  • Supplied with or without cable


Due to their designs and small dimensions, theses electrodes are suitable for the control of the presence of fluid in wells (pump protection) as well as for level control in large reservoirs, barrages, etc

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Bamo EF/EFC Specification

Outer body AISI 316 L
Electrode AISI 316 L
Insulation Delrin (Polyacetal)
Temperature limit 100 °C
Fixture Cable suspended
Dimensions EF: Ø 16 x 130 mm (overall)
EFC: Ø 16 x 157 mm (overall)
Mass 70 g

Download Data Sheet: Level Electrodes for Wells EF / EFC