Aquaread LeveLine CTD Water Level

Aquaread LeveLine CTD Water Level is a water level, temperature, conductivity and salinity recording device that has been specifically designed for long-term water level logging. It is made from titanium making it suitable for deployment in all water types.

Aquaread LeveLine CTD Water Level Applications

The Leveline CTD is an ideal choice to measure level and conductivity levels in the following applications,

  • Salt water intrusion and soil salination monitoring
  • Contaminant plume remediation monitoring and studies
  • Leachate monitoring at landfills, mine, waste disposal storage sites
  • Agricultural and storm water runoff monitoring
  • Tracer tests

The leveline CTD is manufactured from titanium and is ideal for long-term deployment in the harshest of environments. It also has a leading accuracy, 500,000 data point memory and direct SDI12/RS485 output. Absolute or gauge variants are to cover all the usual applications from groundwater to surface water.

Telemetry is also available to add this sensor into a large network of monitoring instruments and can be easily combined with our range of water quality aquaprobes.

Levine-CTD for conductivity and salinity measurements

The 4 ring stainless steel sensor of the LeveLine-CTD measures the conductivity of the water sample. From this reading along with temperature, salinity can be calculated automatically. Salinity would normally only be calculated during data analysis using other sensors. This makes the LeveLine-CTD an ideal choice for telemetric deployments, you get all of the readings straight out of the logger with no extra calculation or analysis required.

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Calibration of the conductivity sensor can be carried out using any concentration of solution between 100µS – 99,999µS, it is user-programmable. Calibration can be performed when the Levine-CTD is connected to the PC through LeveLink or when connected to the GPS LeveLine meter.