Bamo MAXIMAT LWC BX Level On-Floor Leak Detector


Bamo MAXIMAT LWC BX Level On-Floor Leak Detector compact leak detectors are used to detect leakage or spread water-polluting liquids. Due to the short detection height of the liquid, about 1mm, even a small leakage quantity is reliably detected. The device is used for leakage detection of water-polluting media.

Bamo MAXIMAT LWC BX Features

  • All-plastic versions
  • Integrated transmitter and connection for the test button
  • No moving parts
  • Floor leak detection
  • NPN / PNP interfaces


Leak detection in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) for retention basins and floors where are in use water-polluting, electrically conductive, non-flammable liquids.

Bamo MAXIMAT LWC BX Specification

Detection Capacitive high-frequency sensor, fail-safe detector
Ambient temperature -20 … +60 °C
Operating pressure Atmospheric; Limits: 0.8 to 1.1 bar
Housing head PBT, fiber-glass reinforced
Protection IP67 (not suitable for permanent immersion)
Power supply 15 … 27 V DC
Consumption < 1 W
Cable PVC, 6 m long; 5x 0.34 mm²
Outputs Potential-free Reed contact for low voltage (Normally
closed, it opens when alarm occurs)
Rated: Max. 50 V AC / DC, Max. 0.5 A, Max. 10 VA,
convenient for operating with a coupling relay or PLC,
signaling device TC4 / TC1 or CST unit.
2-wire alarm output reporting
with transmitter MAXIMAT SHR C
Note: Simultaneous use of both outputs is not possible.
Additional function Connection of an external test button (potential-free
contact), for a complete diagnostic of the device integrity
(connection loops, electronics).
Connection options Alarm units: MAXIMAT TC1 / TC4
Coupling relay: CST
Transmitter: MAXIMAT SHR C
Automation with PLC

Download Data Sheet: Level On-Floor Leak Detector MAXIMAT LWC BX


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