Bamo NIVOSTOP® PR2 / EX Float Level Detector

Bamo NIVOSTOP® PR2 / EX Float Level Detector has a large diameter cable and a reinforced sealing with 3 envelopes, which give it durability and reliability under severe environmental conditions. With the carbon black incorporated to the material, the electrostatic charges that could be created are evacuated to the outside through the ground wire of the cable.

When level is rising the float tilts and actuates a contact connected via the cable to the control room. Its integrated counterweight prevents it from rising to the surface and wrapping around nearby objects. The NIVOSTOP® PR2-Ex remains immersed and switches in a small space. Important: The use of an intrinsic safety relay, type RDN 11 is mandatory for installation in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2.

Bamo NIVOSTOP® PR2 / EX Float Level Detector Features

  • For liquids inside hazardous area Ex
  • Built-in counterweight
  • Heavy duty controller
  • High quality neoprene cable
  • Cable lengths: 10 or 20 m


Stop or start command for a pump, or remote alarming signal, in lifting stations or wastewater pumping stations, inside hazardous area (Ex)

Bamo NIVOSTOP® PR2 / EX Float Level Detector Specification

Pressure limit 2 bar
Protection IP 68
Class I
Temperature limits -20 °C … +80 °C
Density limits 0.95 … 1.05 kg/dm³
Tilting angle 20°
Switch type Micro-switch, changeover
Power supply 4 … 40 V AC / 100 mA
Cable H05RN-F 4 G0,75 – Ø 8.8 mm (2 functions)
Available lengths: 10 m and 20 m
Cable sealing EPDM
Body Anti-static PP
Insulated body: 3 sealed envelopes
Depth limit 20 m

Download Data Sheet: Float Level Detector NIVOSTOP® PR2 / Ex


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