Bamo VAFLO Level Controller With Stop Valve

Bamo VAFLO Level Controller regulates automatically, the high level of water, without power supply. The system is simply mechanical: When the level rises, the float causes the closure of the water inlet nozzle. The level adjustment is possible within 120 mm when mounting the system. This level controller with stop valve VAFLO there is float in Polyester or in PPH.

Bamo VAFLO Level Controller Features

  • Autonomous system
  • Level controller
  • Adjustable height
  • Float in Polyester or in PPH


  • Regulation of water filling level in a tank.
  • Bamo VAFLO Level Controller Specification
  • Adjustable float stroke within 120 mm
  • Standard flow rate: 1800 l/h with 1 bar – Pressure limit: 6 bar
  • On request Q=3600 l/h with 1 bar – Pressure limit: 4 bar
  • Fittings:
  • Or male thread BSP 1/2”
  • Or flange ND 15 /PN 10 (for flat gasket)

Download Data Sheet: Level Controller With Stop Valve VAFLO


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