Erdco Flow Measurements and Level Meters


ERDCO is committed to providing customers with flow and level measurement instruments that are reliable and easy to use. This focus is present in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. Technically oriented firms in major markets worldwide offer ERDCO products. Factory direct application assistance is available to help you identify the most cost effective solution.

Flow Measurements

  • Erdco See-Flo® 3100 : See-Flo® sight flow indicators show you at a glance, the color, clarity and flow of liquids in process lines.
  • Erdco See-Flo® 3200 : See-Flo® Meters indicate flow rate and permit visual inspection of water, air or other transparent fluids.
  • Erdco Armor-Flo 3400 : Measure liquid, gas or steam flow rates in horizontal or vertical pipelines. Armor-FloTM meters handle fluids that cannot be measured with the See-Flo® due to clarity, pressure or compatibility with wetted materials.
  • Erdco Armor-Flo 3500 : Armor-FloTM meters provide even more effective process control input with switching capabilities. Simple electromechanical switches define your process limits.
  • Erdco Armor-Flo 3600 : Armor-FloTM meters with integral transmitters provide an ideal combination – a local mechanical flow rate indicator independent of electrical supply with a 4-20 mA two wire loop powered signal output.
  • Erdco Armor-Flo 3700 : The 3700 Series meter measures the flow rate of liquid, gas or steam in vertical or horizontal pipelines.
  • Erdco Flex-Flo 700 : The 700 Series Flex-FloTM meter is a simple and rugged flow rate indicator for air, water and other transparent fluids.

Level Meters

  • Erdco Turbo-Flo 20 Series : Turbo-FloTM probes offer the precision of turbine technology with rugged construction.
  • Erdco Turbo-Flo 25D Series : Turbo-FloTM probes offer the precision of turbine technology with rugged construction. The practical design of the probe includes a bluff bar which protects the turbine from foreign materials in the stream as well as from over insertion.
  • Erdco Turbo-Flo 25P Series : Turbo-FloTM PVC probes offer the precision of turbine technology with rugged construction.

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