Bamo MAXITOP LWC B Level Leak Detector on Floor

Bamo MAXITOP LWC B Level Leak Detector on Floor is designed to detect conductive liquids with a reactance of up to 5 kOhm/cm and when the coupling capacitance towards ground is more than 50 pF. The liquids may not generate electrical insulating or conductive deposit.

Bamo MAXITOP LWC B Features

  • Capacitance detection loop
  • For aggressive and conductive liquids
  • Fail safe; Self diagnostic of loop integrity with SHR or TC4 or TC1
  • Wet parts in plastic materials

MAXITOP LWC-B has 5 different types of connections: 

  • Contact output, low voltage (Max. 50 V AC/DC; Max. 0.5 A; Max. 10 VA)
  • Relay output, adding a relay converter CST
  • Output relay, adding a relay converter SHR
  • Direct connections to a PLC
  • Signaling events on site, with devices TC4 or TC1


The MAXITOP LWC-B is ideal to give an alarm when a leakage occurs on the floor of retentions or collecting areas. With its fail safe detection loop, it is permanently operational.

Bamo MAXITOP LWC B Specification

Power supply 15 … 26 V DC
Consumption About 1 W
Ambient temperature -20 … +60 °C
Housing PBT; IP 67 (EN 60529)
Cable output Standard length: 6 m
5 x 0.5 mm², shielded, PVC sheath
Trigger point Minimum height of liquid:1 mm

Download Data Sheet: Level Leak Detector on Floor MAXITOP LWC B


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