Honda HD1200 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic Level Sensor


The advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement.One main unit handles two sensors at once. Two different types of sensors can be installed and each may measure different ranges.

Data logging function to micro SD TM. Flow measurement by measuring the catchment level is possible.

Level Transmitter Honda HD1200
Level Transmitter Honda HD1200


  • Level control of liquid, powder or grains in a tank
  • Level measurement of pond, lake or river
  • Open channel flow measurement (catchment level)
Model HD1200
Channel 2
Frequency 10 to 60 kHz (select by sensor)
Measurement object liquid / powder / grains
Resolution internal 1 mm
display 1 mm
Accuracy ±0.25% F.S.
 Data refresh rate 2 sec. approx. (depends on sensor)
Power source Voltage 100 to 240 V AC ±10 %
Power 10 VA
Display LCD (back-lit)
Output Alarm 4 points / channel
250V AC, 5 A (relay contact)
4-20mA current resolution: 1/4000
(Max. load 600Ω)
Interface RS-485 (max. distance: 1200 m or less)
RS-232C (max. distance: 10 m or less)
Memory microSDTM
Operation temperature -20 to 70 deg C
Material ABS
Protection IP66 level
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 176x84x237
Weight 1.8 kg

*microSDTM is a trademark of SD Card Association

Model Sensor
TS40-5 TS40T-5* TS21-5 TS12-5
Frequency 40 kHz 21 kHz 12 kHz
Measurement range 0.3 – 20 m 0.3 – 15 m 0.6 – 40 1.2 – 60 m
(1/2 value for powder)
Directive angle 12° 22° 14°
(half of full angle)
Operation temperature -20 to 70 deg C -20 to 60 deg C
Material Epoxy, PP PVDF sensor surface: Epoxy
case: PVC
Protection IP68 level IP66 level IP53 level
Dimension (mm) dia 84×90 dia 98×87 dia 145x120 dia 264x181
Cord length 5 m
Weight 500 g 860 g 290 g 1 kg
Screw R1 (PT1) G1 (PF1) G1 (PF1)

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