Microsensor Corp MPM4700 Level Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MPM4700 level transmitter is the full stainless steel construction and full-sealed submersible intelligent level transmitter with high accuracy. It uses a highly reliable and stable pressure sensor, intelligent processing circuit, precise digital temperature compensation, and linearity correction technics for production.

The water-proof cable connects with housing sealed, with vented tube putting in, the transmitter could be used in the water or liquid for a long time. Integrated construction and standard output signal could provide easy operation and good automatic control.

With 2-wire working, compact size, lightweight and easy installation and operation, it is widely used for industrial field instead of normal 2-wire 4mA~20mA DC analog output transmitter.

Microsensor Corp MPM4700 Features

  • 4mA~20mA DC 2-wire current output;
  • Digital temperature compensation and linearity correction;
  • RS485 communication interface(Custom protocol) or HART® communication protocol(optional);
  • Netting application;
  • Full stainless steel construction, compact size, light weight;
  • Special requirement available;
  • RoHS Certificate;
  • Intrinsic safe ex-proof version conforming to GB3836.4 Exia Ⅱ BT6 Ga Regulation; Ex-proof Certificate is issued;
  • Marine type products accord with CCS classification of sea-going steel ships of the rules “(2006) the requirements, has obtained the type

Assistant Software

A: Transmitter Software (RS485 Interface type) MS Setonline Software

Through RS232/485 conversation module, the user could read inner basic information for RS485 interface transmitter (including level range,compensated temp. range, version code, etc.) and display actual level, set new zero, analog output and deivce address.

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Microsensor Corp MPM4700 Specification

Basic range (mH2O) 3.5 7 10 20 35 70 100 200
Overpressure (mH2O) 5 10 15 30 50 100 150 300
2-way ball valves:
Body PVC
Seals EPDM or FPM
Ball PVC
Ball seat PTFE
Fittings Unions , socked ends for solvent welding
Pressure limits ND 10 to ND 50: 10 bar
ND 65 to ND 100: 6 bar
Pneumatic actuator:
Models Single acting (or N.O. or N.C.) version, or, double acting version
Operating pressure 6 bar min., 8 bar max.
Fittings BSP ¼” female
Total accuracy ①③ ±0.075%FS(min.); ±0.1%FS(typ.); ±0.25%FS(max.)
Stability ±0.2%FS/year
Compensation temp. ② -10℃ ~70℃
Operation temp. -10℃ ~70℃ ; -20℃ ~60℃ (Intrinsic safe)
Storage temp. -20℃ ~85℃
Power supply 10V~28V DC(RS485); 12V~30V DC(HART®)
10V~12V DC(The Ann model, the security gate power supply)
Output 4mA~20mA DC
RS485 communication interface(Custom protocol)
or HART® communication protocol
4mA~20mA DC output,(U-12V)/0.02A(Ω)
Load RS485 bus line could connect with 99 transmitter
Insulation 100MΩ/50V
Shock 20g,20Hz~5000Hz
Impact 20g,11ms
Protection IP68(Transmitter part); IP65(Junction box part)
Diaphragm: Stainless steel 316L
Housing: Stainless steel 304
Media compatibility O-ring: Viton
Weight ~250g
① Total accuracy: including non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and thermal error;
② For special temperature requirement, please contact with our company;
③ For pressure range 3.5mH2O ad 7mH2O, after shrinking, the total accuracy is ±0.5%FS.

Ref: microsensorcorp.com

Download Datasheet: MPM4700, Microsensorcorp-Intelligent Level Transmitter