Hengstler ACURO AC61 Absolute Rotary Encoder

Hengstler ACURO AC61 Absolute Rotary Encoder combines a series of absolute rotary encoders with optical scanning that have been specially designed for use in extreme ambient conditions. The size 58 mm encoders have a stainless steel housing and are particularly suited to oil and gas applications, marine fittings, the food industry, packaging industry and offshore applications.

As single-turn and multi-turn versions, these encoders achieve a resolution of up to 29 bits (17 bits single-turn, 12 bits multi-turn). Connection options are parallel output, Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, CANlayer2, DeviceNet and Interbus.

Hengstler ACURO AC61 Absolute Rotary Encoder Features

  • Compact construction
  • Ingress protection IP67
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Highly robust
  • High resolution
  • Various bus connections: SSI, biss, Profinet, Profibus, canopen, canlayer2, devicenet and Interbus
  • Fields of application: Packaging machines for foods
  • Ship equipment (e.g. Derick cranes, winches, cable-laying equipment)
  • Offshore
  • Applications

Hengstler ACURO AC61 Absolute Rotary Encoder Specification

Product Family AC61
Ordering Information Rotary Encoder AC61
Function / Application Absolute
Technology Optical
Approval UL
Housing Diameter [mm] 61,5 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft Solid 9,52 … 10 mm
Protection Rating Housing IP67
Operating Temperature [°C] -40 … +100 °C (depending on interface used)
Housing Option Stainless Steel
Increased Environmental Requirements Chemical resistance
Seawater resistant
Connection Cable
Bus cover
Revolutions [rpm] 6,000 rpm
Resolution ST [Bit] 10 … 17 Bit
Resolution MT [Bit] 4 … 12 Bit
Interface Profinet
SSI programmable

Download Data Sheet: Absolute Rotary Encoder ACURO AC61

Ref: hengstler.de

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