Bamo MNR 7 Magnetic Level Controllers

Bamo MNR 7 Magnetic Level Controllers The Reed contacts (up to 4) inside the stem, are actuated directly by the magnet float. Wet parts (stem and float) to choose between: or PVC & PP, or PP, or PVDF.

Bamo MNR 7 Magnetic Features

  • Versions in: PVC, PP or PVDF
  • 1 to 4 level changeover contacts
  • Fitting 2” for standard models
  • No effects of foam, neither of vapours
  • Measuring height: up to 2500 mm

Quick commissioning: 

  • Distance of each contact from sealing surface is fixed (requested on P.O.): No adjustment requested on site to guarantee the exact positioning of contacts.
  • The PP float passes through the BSP 2” fitting without dismantling the MNR.
  • At the stem bottom a nut limits the float movement: By unscrewing it, the float may be removed. Note: It is recommended to provide the optional flange ND100 to allow the PVDF float to pass through the fitting.


The use of a relay ES2001 will protect the Reed contact and increase its switching power and lifetime.


Level controllers for liquids, even aggressive ones, not viscous, not clogging and free of suspended solid particles.

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Bamo MNR 7 Magnetic Specification

Height of stem Min. 250 mm / Max. 2,500 mm
Liquid density Min = 0.75
Temperature PVC: 0 … +60 °C
PP: 0 … +80 °C
PVDF: 0 … +110 °C
Pressure limit Max. 1 bar at 20 °C
Stem and fitting PVC, PPH or PVDF
Float PPH or PVDF
Head housing PBT, glass fiber reinforced, IP65
Number 1 to 4 bistable change-over contacts
Switching power 60VA/220V/0.5A
Connections Screw terminals
Cable gland M20 x1.5 (for cable Ø 5 … 9)
Shortest gap 100 mm between 2 contacts
Accuracy ± 2 mm
Hysteresis 8 mm
Standard BSP 2”
Option Flange ND 100 or BSP 1”

Download Data Sheet: Magnetic Level Controllers MNR 7