BUDDYBOX Gear Reducers and Gearmotors

BUDDYBOX Gear Reducers family of mid-size gear reducers and gearmotors offers a unique collection of features using our robust CYCLO® disc technology. Configurations include:

  • Right Angle (Bevel BUDDYBOX)
  • Parallel (Helical BUDDYBOX)

BUDDYBOX Gear Reducers Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 4 Series Gearmotor

Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearmotors with Cyclo® Input


The Cyclo® BBB4 combines the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo® gear reducer and a single stage right angle spiral bevel gearbox in a rugged right-angle gearbox design. With a 24-month warranty, regardless of hours of operation, the Cyclo® BBB4 is an excellent choice for applications in material handling, asphalt mixers, specialty machine industries, conveyors, and other applications requiring right angle speed reducers.

  • All-Steel Internal Components
  • Highly Efficient
  • Standard Ductile Iron Housing
  • Integrated Cycloidal Technology
  • Maintenance Free Options Available

BUDDYBOX Gear Reducers Technical Info

Input Integral gearmotor, quill and C-face adapter
Output Shrink Disc, Taper-Grip® Bushing, Solid Shaft, Keyed Hollow Bore, Screw Conveyor
Mounting Hollow Shaft, Foot, Flange, U-Face (direct surface mount)
Sizes 6 frame sizes (A-F), 48 to 1059 kg
Ratios 11 to 26,000 and greater
Power Range 1/8HP to 75HP (0.10kW to 55kW)
Torque Capacity Up to 159,983 lb·in (17,400 N·m)
Motor Standards NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CE
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