Hengstler 250 Preset Counter

Hengstler 250 Preset Counter Large-displacement keys for selecting presets are a feature of Type 250. The unit has a 5-digit display and is available as a subtracting revolution, length or stroke counter. The large-format display with its 6.5 mm figures facilitate read-off. The integrated reset button is a further useful feature.

Totalizing counters tend to be used to register the number of events and display the result as a digital numerical value. The key characteristics of this versatile range of products, as you would expect from any HENGSTLER product, are state-of-the-art technology, appealing design, quality and reliability. Examples of typical applications: Production counting, recording flow volumes.

Hengstler 250 Preset Counter Features

  • Display 5 digits
  • Large figures 6.5 mm
  • Reset button

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Product Family Type 250
Function Preset counter
Technology Mechanical
Digits 5-digit
Display 5-digit
Preset 1 preset
Digit Height [mm] 6.5 mm (0.4 in)
Reset lockable reset
Signal Times on transition from 00000 to 99999 until reset
Contact Type unipolar switching contact
Switching Voltage max. 125 VDC/250 VAC
Switching Current 20 VA/0.3 A
Electrical Connection rear strain relief 4-wire cable, approx. 30 cm (11.8 in) long
Attention Do not push reset button while in use!
Mode revolution counter
length counter
stroke counter
Count Mode + subtracting in the specified direction
adding in reverse direction
subtracting in the specified
Transmission Ratio 01.01
Max. Speed 10,000 digits/min
Torque 1.2-8 Ncm (0.0088 … 0.059 lb-ft)
Sense of Rotation Bz
Switching Distance min. 38° max. 55° (stroke counter only)
max. Stroke Rate 800 strokes/min
Actuation both sides
Counting Range 0…99999
IP Protection Class IP 40
Operating Temperature [°C] – 10 …°C + 50 °C (+ 14 … 122 °F)
Storage Temperature [°C] – 20 …°C + 70 °C (+ 14 … 122 °F)
Degree of Protection IP 40
connections IP 00
General Design EN 61 010-1 / IEC 61010-1
Overvoltage Category I
Protection Class I, EN 61010-1 / IEC 61010-1
Contamination Level V 2
EN 50178
Size [mm] 132x69x74
Mounting Options Surface mounting
Reset manual reset
secured against accidental operation
Weight [g] approx. 800 g (3.2 oz)
Base Plate sheet steel
Case plastic

Download Data Sheet: Preset Counter Type 250

Ref: hengstler.de

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