Oil Skimmer JF-100

Oil skimmer JF-100 | Oil Removal

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel with special oil-absorbing materials processing, with lipophilic hydrophobic properties, oil absorption rate and faster.
  •  the very low moisture content of the recovered oil can be used directly or refining reuse.
  • Use temperature can exceed 120 ℃, can be used in high-temperature acid and alkali environments.
  • flexible design, according to the environmental requirements making use of the site or configure the length of the strip, and select Standard Or non-standard products. A kit stainless steel, explosion-proof, wind-based, anti-steam type.
  • 24 hours of time proportional control.
  • Economical and practical, low power consumption, without any supplies.

Specifications :

  • Strip width: 100mm Range of: 0-75 liters / hour
  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Steel material: stainless steel features regular operation,
  • Stepless speed regulation

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Rudy Wiratama


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