Disc and Weir Oil Skimmers

Disc and Weir Oil Skimmer

Disc and Weir Oil Skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid. These generally work because they are made of materials to which oil is more likely to stick than the fluid it is floating on. At the same time, the fluid has very little attraction to the equipment.

Disc and Weir Oil Skimmer are usually all that is necessary to remove oil from a liquid. In some cases, however, they may be used to pre-treat a fluid. In this case, they remove as much of the oil as possible before more expensive and time-consuming measures are employed. Pre-treating the fluid this way reduces the overall cost of cleaning the liquid.

There are several different types of oil skimmers, though all designs depend on the laws of gravity and on surface tension in order to function. The six primary types are belt, disk, drum or barrel style, mop, large tube or mini tube, and floating suction oil skimmers. Belt oil skimmers utilize a belt of stainless steel. This belt is lowered into the liquid that needs to be cleaned. The belt then passes through special wiper blades, which remove the oil from both sides of the liquid as it passes through.

Disc Oil Skimmer

Disc skimmer is a robust, efficient, and handy device for recovering oil spills on water. It consists of a power pack, a floatable head, and linking hoses between the head and the power pack. There are many models to suit oil viscosity and recovery conditions. These devices have been widely used on open seas, rivers, harbors, lakes, and ponds. Floatable head-on water is made of fiberglass stainless steel or marine aluminum and can be used on seawater or fresh water.

Disc and Weir Oil Skimmer
Disc Oil Skimmer

The head’s float has a sealed shell filled with foam plastic and has double buoyancy insurance. It can recover all floatable oil such as high-viscosity crude, middle and low-viscosity lubricant, fuel, and plant oil. The disc speed can be easily adjusted and the recovered oil has little free water.

The Features of Disc Skimmer

  1. Disc/brush oil recovery skimmer is a floating oil skimmer with a rotating disc or brushes to recover oil spills in water.
  2. The disc and brush could be exchangeable according to the customer’s requirement.  It consists of a power pack, a floatable head, and linking hoses between the head and the power pack.
  3. There are many models to suit oil viscosity and recovery conditions. These devices have been widely used on open seas, rivers, harbors, lakes, and ponds.

Technical Data Sheet

Model/Parameter ZSJ5 ZSJ10 ZSJ20 ZSJ30 ZSJ60
rotate speed (R/M) 40-100 40-100 40-200 40-300 40-600
Working pressure(Mpa) 3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6 5~8
Flow rate of oil pump(m³/h) 5 10 20 30 60
recovery capability(m³/h) 5 10 20 30 60
drive power(diesel engine or explosion-proof motor)KW 4.0/3 6.3/4 4.0+6.3/7.5 14.5/11 21/15
main unit weight (Kg) 55 70 120 160 200
weight of power station (KG) 100 115 255 500 550
diameter of oil discharge hose 2” 2” 2.5” 3” 4”

Weir Oil Skimmer

The weir skimmer is made up of a skimmer and a power pack. The hydraulic power pack works under the diesel engine, which drives the oil pump and changes diesel power into hydraulic power to control the height of the piston rod in the hydro cylinder. The oil spill will fall into the oil collecting groove when It is higher than the weir of the skimmer and then the oil spill will be transported to the oil tank in a vessel or inshore by an oil conveying pump. It can be used in harbors, docks, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, vessels Company, oil chemical companies, and sewage farms, etc. It can recover medium to low-viscosity lubricant, fuel, vegetable oil, and other spilling oil. Also, it can be used with oil boom to avoid water pollution.

Disc and Weir Oil Skimmer
Weir Oil Skimmer

Constructions of Weir Skimmers

POWER PACK: It is made of a diesel motor(air-cooled)、hydraulic oil pump and hydraulic operating platform, an oil tank, an oil-conveying pump, a hose reel and etc. The data from the drawing is only for reference.

Constructions of Weir Skimmers
Constructions of Weir Skimmers

SKIMMER: It is made up of the body of skimmers, floats, hydro cylinders and etc. The middle hydro cylinder is connected to the hydraulic platform by a hydraulic oil hose. The oil conveying pump delivers spilled oil to the oil storage device by oil pipe. The hydraulic oil pipe and oil conveying pipe are both connected with a quick connector.

The Features of Weir Oil Skimmers

  1. The weir oil recovery skimmer consists of a floating head, power pack, and oil hoses between the skimmer head and the power pack.
  2. It recovers spilled oil via a self-adjusting weir and suction oil pump.
  3. The weir skimmer is suitable for recovery of oil spills with low and medium viscosity and can be widely used on harbors, oil ports, wharves, rivers, lakes, shipyards, ship-breaking yards, petroleum and chemical industries, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, and another site where are oil spills to be recovered.

Technical Data

Item YSJ-30 YSJ-50 YSJ-100
Max. skimming rate(m³/h) 30 50 100
underwater depth of overflow weir(mm) 35-90 50-120 80-150
drive power(diesel engine or explosion-proof motor)(KW) 14.5/7.5 14.5/11 21/15
suction head of oil recovery pump(m) 8 8 8
operating pressure of hydraulic cylinder(mpa) 5 5 5

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