Hengstler 125 Totalizing Counter

Hengstler 125 Totalizing Counter this product comes from totalizing counter categories. A key feature of totalizing counter Type 125 is its small size. It is suitable for use as a revolution or stroke counter. This convenient device offers a 4-digit display and has a reset button. It can be used as a hand counter.

Whether you use electronic, electromechanical, mechanical, or pneumatic counters, the devices available have been designed to meet your requirements. Our range extends from mini-counters to sophisticated, programmable control counters, multifunction counters, position displays, displays, tachometers, and timers. Totalizing counters tend to be used to register the number of events and display the result as a digital numerical value.

The key characteristics of this versatile range of products, as you would expect from any HENGSTLER product, are state-of-the-art technology, appealing design, quality, and reliability. Examples of typical applications: Production counting, recording flow volumes.

Hengstler 125 Totalizing Counter Features

  • The display is 4 or 5-digit
  • With reset button
  • compact dimensions
  • Ingress protection IP 50

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Product Family Type 125
Function Totalizing counter
Technology Mechanical
Digits 4-digit
Display 4-digit
Preset none
Digit Height [mm] 4 mm (0.2 in)
Reset manual reset
Attention Do not push reset button while in use!
Mode revolution counter
stroke counter
hand tally
Count Mode + adding in the direction specified
subtracting in reverse direction
+ adding in the direction specified
Transmission Ratio 01.01
Max. Speed 500…1,500 rpm
Sense of Rotation Bz
Switching Distance min. 18° (stroke counter only)
max. Stroke Rate 50 0 strokes/min
Actuation right
Size [mm] 53x28x29
Mounting Options Surface mounting
Reset manual reset
Weight [g] approx. 50 g (3.2 oz)
Base Plate sheet steel
Case plastic

Download Data Sheet: Totalizing Counter Type 125

Ref: hengstler.de

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