APG PT-L1/L3/L10 Pressure Transducers with Amplified Output

APG PT-L1/L3/L10 Pressure Transducers with Amplified Output amplified output pressure transmitters are the economical answer for all applications requiring high accuracy and reliability over a wide range of pressures. The PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transmitters offer ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi, all stainless steel construction, high burst pressure, and high accuracy.

These compact, inexpensive pressure transducers have an amplified output and are great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications. The PT-L1/L3/L10 series is a collection of simple pressure transducers with an amplified output.

APG PT-L1/L3/L10 Pressure Transducers Features

  • Cost-effective
  • High overpressure capability
  • Zero and span adjustments
  • Single piece stainless steel process fitting and sensor

Low Cost

These pressure transducers are inexpensive and great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications.

Rugged Build

With your choice of 316L or 15-5 SS, these pressure sensors are built for endurance with high chemical compatibility and solid construction.

Compact Design

The PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transducers are built in a compact enclosure to fit your needs better.

Calibration Services

NIST Certificates and Re-Calibration

While placing an order for your PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transmitter, or any other pressure gauge or sensor, you can ask for a NIST certificate for either 0.25% or 0.1% accuracy. You can also get a NIST certificate on your regular factory re-calibration. This will give you years of reliable performance.

APG PT-L1/L3/L10 Pressure Transducers Specification

Pressure Range Up to 10,000 psi
Accuracy B.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of full scale
NIST up to ± 0.1% available in select ranges
Temperature Compensation Range Up to -40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)
Supply Voltage 4-20mA Output: 10-36 VDC
0-5 VDC Output: 9-33 VDC
0-10 VDC Output: 14-33 VDC
Electrical Protection Reverse polarity
Outputs 4-20mA
0-5 VDC
0-10 VDC
Internet Connectivity with RST-5003 (4-20mA version only)
Field Calibration Zero and Span Adjust
Material 15-5 or 316L SS
Operating Temperature -40 to 180° F (-40 to 82° C)

Download Data Sheet: Industrial Pressure Transducers with Amplified Output PT-L1/L3/L10

Ref: apgsensors.com

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