TURBISENS Bamo Turbidity Transmitter Immersion Probe


TURBISENS Bamo Turbidity Transmitter Immersion Probe refers to the content of solid particles (example: suspended particles). Designed for open basins or channels, this probe is an immersion turbidity transmitter. TURBISENS optically measures the turbidity of the liquid. The measurement system complies with standard NF EN ISO 7027 (Nephelometry) The electronics integrated into the head convert the measurement into a 4-20 mA signal.

TURBISENS Bamo Turbidity Transmitter Features

  • Compact transmitter, 4-20 mA output
  • In conformity with EN ISO 7027, infrared light (860 nm), 90° scattered light
  • Selectable ranges: 0 to 50/ 100/ 200/ 500 / 1000/ 2000 FTU
  • High resolution from 0.01 FTU
  • Max. immersion depth: 10 m


Control and monitoring of

  • Wastewater treatment plant outlets
  • Sedimentation process
  • Wells
  • Cooling water basin

TURBISENS Bamo Turbidity Transmitter Specification

Output signal 4-20 mA
Example: Connection to a BAMOWIZ or an
analogue PLC input
Power supply 10 … 30 V DC, galvanically isolated from
measuring circuit
Consumption < 1 W
When the 4-20mA loop is powered by the connected monitor or PLC, the connected load increases by 0.48 W: 24 x 20 = 0.48 (24 V DC; 20 mA; 0.48 W)
Ambient temperature 0… +45 °C
Probe protection IP 68, max. depth 10 m (EN 60 529)
Cable TPK, length 6m (special lengths on request),
Connection to head housing via a watertight
connector (IP67).
Resistant to highly diluted acids and alkalis
Liquid temperature 0… +60 °C
Probe body PVC
Selectable Ranges 0 to 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 FTU
FTU= Formazin Turbidity Units
Accuracy ±5 % of reading
±1 % F.S. in use
Resolution Or 0.01 FNU or 1 FTU according the measuring
Color compensation Color compensation in the measuring ranges 50
and 100 FTU
Head housing PBT, IP 65 (EN 60 529)
Fitting 2” BSP male; With counter-nut and angle bracket
Display, integrated to the head 4 Digits for current turbidity and settings
Status LED for alarm signals
Settings Rotating potentiometer/ push button
Option Test kit for a quick check of the device.

Download Data Sheet: Turbidity Transmitter, Immersion Probe TURBISENS

Ref: bamo.eu

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