Flush-Mounted Pressure Transmitter VRM050D Series Hengesbach

The Hengesbach VRM050D pressure transmitter is suitable for measuring the pressure and filling level in pipes. The highly overload safe capacitative measuring cells and the diaphragm seal makes the Hengesbach VRM050D ideal for use in applications with pressure shocks or cavitations such as in separators. Measuring ranges from -1/0…4bar to -1/0…70bar and special measuring ranges are available.

The robust construction of the stainless steel field housing in IP 67 and IP 69K withstand aggressive and residue-free cleaning procedures such as those required in the food industry. All 050D series pressure transmitter are equipped with a micro-processor controlled electronics system and an accuracy of ≤ ± 0.2% FS. They are parametrised with a simple and user-friendly operating concept via 2 keys and a multi-colour status LED. They are highly suited for applications with basic requirements of functionality and exactness.

As a process connection, the Hengesbach VRM050D comes equipped with a PZM modular system and is highly suited for applications placing the highest requirements of hygiene. The modular system PZM is certified according to EHEDG type EL-Aseptic Class I and is impermeable to micro-organisms.. The large range of process connection adapters such as the welded-in lugs for pipes, VARIVENT®, DRD flanges, DIN 11851 conical couplings, DIN 32676 clamps, etc. mean that the pressure transmitters can be used for a wide range of uses.


  • special construction of the measuring cell an process connection for systems with pressure shocks and vibration e.g. separators, …
  • EHEDG-aseptic certified modular process connection system PZM
  • accuracy ≤ ± 0,2%FS
  • simple calibration, even without disconnection of the transmitter, through switchable power supply plant/calibrator supply
  • output signal 4…20mA, Turn Down 4
  • simple patametering via 2-key concept and multiple-colour status LED
  • capacitive measuring cell, vacuum and overload safe, stainless steel membrane
  • easy to clean and high protection class IP 67 and IP 69K

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General details

Device type/measuring principle VRM050D: capacitive


Measuring ranges VRM050D
Standard nominal measuring range [bar] Relative OP Relative OP Absolute OP
OP = overload protection [bar] 4 25 -1 to 4 25 4 25
10 40 -1 to 10 40 10 40
Special measuring ranges are available on request. 20 40 -1 to 20 40 20 40
40 60 -1 to 40 60 40 60
All measurement cells are vacuum safe
70 105 -1 to 70 105 70 105
Setting the measuring ranges via the 2 keys within the transmitter
Setting ranges Measuring range begin zero: 0 to 75% of the sensor’s nominal measuring span TD=4
Measuring span span: 25 to 100% of the sensor’s nominal measuring span
Burst pressure DIN16086 >= 4-fold nominal measuring range


Output signal 2-wire:   4 to 20mA with a test circuit connection in the device
Fault signal 22mA
Current limitation 3.8mA and 21mA (normal operation, cannot be set)

Measuring accuracy

Reference conditions acc. to DIN IEC 770
Linearity, hysteresis and repeatability acc. to the limit point method DIN IEC 770 ≤ ± 0.2% of the sensor nominal measuring range
Activation time < 2 s (The device will carry out a self-test.)
Setting time < 1s
Long-time drift ≤ 0.2% of the span per year
Thermal hysteresis 0.2% of the sensor nominal measuring range / 10K (-20…+80°C) from 4 bar
0.3% of the sensor’s nominal measuring range / 10K (-20 to +80°C) up to 0.6 bar

Conditions of use

Installation position / calibration position Any position / standing vertically
Medium temperature -40…+140°C
Ambient storage temperature -40…+85°C (below -20 °C danger of cable breakage)
Protection class acc. to EN60529 IP 67 and IP 69K
Electromagnetic compatibility acc.to EN 61326-1


Electrical connection – Standard:  M16x1.5 cable screw connection, nickel-plated brass (stainless steel available on request)
– Optional:  M12x1 round plug-in connector, nickel-plated brass (stainless steel available on request)
– Optional:  angle plug acc. to EN 175301-803
– Optional:  reference cable
Process connection Membrane, flush-welded, CrNiSt (other materials available on request)
– EHEDG type EL-ASEPTIC CLASS I, certified connection system PZM /
with M38x1.5 press screw and elastomer sealing
– EPM process seal (FDA conform) (range -20…+150°C)


Materials – Field housing / lid: CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
– Electronics cast: Silgel
– Housing seal: FPM (Viton®)
– Pressure compensation element: Polyamide
– Process connection / connection adapter: CrNiSt 1.4404 (304)
– Process membrane: CrNiSt 1.4435/1.4404 (316L)
– Reference cable, 5-wire with reference tube:  PUR (recommended: 80 m maximum)
Filling fluid Medical mineral oil (FDA)

Display and operation

Display Multiple-colour status LED
Operation 2-key concept

Auxiliary energy resources

Power supply / burden 12…30V DC, max. burden: (Vsupply – 12V) / 22mA
Certificates Calibration certificate
Declaration of conformity
Material certificate acc. to EN 10204
EHEDG certificate

Download Data Sheet: Flush-Mounted Pressure Transmitter VRM050D

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