Hengesbach Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G

Hengesbach Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G

Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G
Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G

Hengesbach is a company from Deutschland. And Hengesbach develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring technology for applications in production processes where functionality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments are of highest priority even under extreme process conditions. This modern understanding of value creation of a medium-sized company already has a long tradition with us. Based on many years of experience, we know that the success and strategic security of the company is the result of a lasting and uncompromising appreciation of all involved stakeholders – and this in a global context.

Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G

The conductivity transmitter Condutec is used for the measurement of conductivity or concentration in liquids, e.g. in CIP-lines or other processes in the beverage industry. High accuracy and resistance against contamination of the electrode are achieved by using 4 electrode conductivity cells. The instrument can be operated directly and user-friendly at the graphic display. The switching output can be freely programmed; the Condutec is available either as a compact unit or split version (for strong vibrations or significant heat radiations).


  • measurement / control of conductivity or concentration in liquids
  • available as compact unit or split version
  • output for conductivity and temperature 4 – 20 ma
  • measuring range programmable from  0… 500 ms/cm
  • sensor can be sterilized up to 140°, 1 H
  • various process connections are available, e.g. hygienic  design versions

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General information

Device type/measuring principle CONDUTEC / conductivity measurement


Measuring range 0…500mS/cm
Measuring rate approx. 3/seconds
Temperature sensor Pt1000 acc. to DIN IEC 751
Temperature measuring range -40…+160°C

Conductivity output

Output signal 2-wire: 4…20mA
Cell constant programmable in the range of 0,08…4,0
Standard error ± 0,5% from measure value ± 2 digit
Temperature coefficient < 100ppm/°C
Temperature compensation linear programmable in range 0,0…8,0%/°C

Temperature output

Output signal 2-Leiter: 4…20mA
Burden RA=(UB-14V) / 0,02A

Alarm output

Transistor 2x transistor output, 14…30V DC, max. 60mA
Voltage drop < 2V

Measuring range switching

Ri > 10kΩ
MB1 active U=0…3V DC
MB2 active U=12…30V DC

Conditions of use

Installation position unsuitable for transom mounting; otherwise arbitrarily
Medium temperature -10…+120°C (short duration 140°C for max. 30 min)
Environmental temperature 0…+50°C
Protection class EN60529 IP 65
Electromagnetic compatibility acc. to EN 50022, DIN IEC 61000-4-3/4/5


Electrical connection – Standard: M20x1.5 cable screw connection
– Optional: M12x1 round plug-in connector, nickel-plated brass (stainless steel available on request)
Process connection – Clamp DIN 32676, DN25/DN32/DN40
– Tapered Union with grooved union nut DIN 11851, DN25
– Tapered Union with grooved union nut DIN 11851, DN40
– Conical coupling with grooved union nut DIN 11851, DN50
– Conical coupling with grooved union nut DIN 11851, DN65
– modular system PZM
– VARIVENT® Ø=50mm (F)
– VARIVENT® Ø=68mm (N)
Materials – Housing: Polyamide, PA6-GF/GK 15/15
– Front cover display: Polyester
– Process connection/sensor: PEEK, PVDF, CrNi Wkst. 1.4404, graphite,
gasket EPM 80 – with FDA certification
Type – Compact: sensor and transmitter assembled as one unit
– Splitted: sensor and transmitter separate; connected by 5m, 10m or 20m cable
Display – LCD-dot display, 3.8mm height, 2 lines with 16 characters
– Display range conductivity: 500…9999 Digit
– Unit conductivity adjustable: µS/cm, mS/cm, kΩ/cm, MΩ/cm
– Unit temperature adjustable: °C, °F

Auxiliary energy

Supply voltage 14…30V DC, 2-wire system

Download Data Sheet: Conducticity Transmitter Condutec G

Ref: hengesbach.com