IMI Norgren Pneumatic, Valve and Regulators

IMI Norgren is broad in range and specialist in nature, covering everything from pneumatic actuators and air preparation, through to proportional valves and high pressure regulators. With over 80 years industry experience, the IMI Norgren brand includes a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, air preparation products, pressure switches, fittings and valves.

General Information

As a business, we aim to understand our customers’ challenges. We then connect our products, people and expertise in order to deliver exceptional service and solutions. These improve the performance of our customers’ machinery.

We call this Engineering GREAT, and we deliver it to customers through a world-class portfolio of high performance products, through close partnerships and problem-solving, and through a global network of support which ensures reliable local delivery, all over the world.

Partnership and problem solving

We have a global team of key account managers and over 400 highly experienced engineers – many with in-depth expertise of key industry sectors.

We recruit and develop the industry’s top talent, offering the best training and exposure to world-class products and technologies with some of the world’s leading businesses. The deep and combined experience this gives us means we have the skills, confidence and know-how to get closer to our customers, enabling us to understand their exact challenges and resolve them precisely. Because of this our problem-solving is more effective, our solutions more targeted, our partnerships more productive.

High performance products

Our world-class products improve performance and productivity. We have global manufacturing capability and technical centres of excellence, each dedicated to developing and rigorously testing new high performance products to meet precise industry and application needs. Helping improve performance and reduce downtime and energy consumption on production lines across the world, our world-class portfolio includes Norgren, Buschjost, FAS, Herion and Maxseal.

Having proven their value over years, they stand amongst the most trusted names in fluid and motion control. We are continuously adding to this portfolio through a programme of innovation and new product development. Because of this, we’re able help to our customers solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges – reliably, safely and efficiently.


We deliver and support our high quality products through our global service network. We have world-class manufacturing and sales and service operations in 50 countries, supported by investment in robust project management systems and lean localised production. Together, with our integrated supply chain, and the speed of our Express service we have the systems, processes and support to deliver quality products and aftersales service precisely, reliably, in full and on time, anywhere.

IMI Norgren Product Overview

Imi Norgren Product
Imi Norgren Product

Air Preparation

The IMI Norgren name is synonymous with air preparation products, going right back to 1927 when Carl Norgren first sketched out the design for the original FRL.

Directional Control Valves

Our valve range is extensive and includes inline, sub-base and valve islands, electrically and air operated, manual and mechanical valves, for compressed air and complex fluid control.

Electric Actuators

Designed to meet our customers’ requirements, our flagship range of high performance ISO standard rod-style electromechanical linear actuators are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.


We offer a comprehensive range of fittings, including our popular push-in fittings available in composite, brass and stainless steel to suit a wide range of industrial applications.

Pressure Switches

Our pressure switches provide a range of different options for converting pressure changes into an electrical signal. Our range includes switches suitable for pneumatic and all fluid applications.

Pneumatic Actuators

Our range of pneumatic actuators is one of the most comprehensive available. From our high performance ISO ranges to our Lintra rodless actuators, all have our renowned quality guaranteed.

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Proportional Valves

Imi Norgren range of proportional valves include analogue and digital, open or closed loop and flow or pressure control.

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Imi Norgren offer single stage and multi stage vacuum pumps, a wide range of suction cups plus switches, gauges and silencers.


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