METTLER TOLEDO Laboratory Instruments

METTLER TOLEDO does not only offer highest precision measurement tools, but also many new innovative techniques to speed up and facilitate research work. From ultra-fast materials analysis to highest-precision weighing to fully-automated organic synthesis and ergonomic liquid handling, we provide many essential lab tools for the modern scientist.

General Information

Mettler-Toledo is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial, and food retailing applications. They are geographically diversified with sales in 2012 derived 34% from Europe, 34% from the Americas, and 32% from Asia and other countries. The Company has an extensive global sales and service organization with approximately 6,000, or approximately one-half, of the employees providing sales and service in 36 countries. The Company has a manufacturing presence in Europe, the United States, and China.

R&D Laboratory

Our precision instruments are the foundation of research and quality control labs all over the world. High-performance weighing solutions offer a basis for solid R&D results. Pipettes are an essential tool for life science research. Thermal analysis instruments help to improve materials and their thermal behavior. Automated chemistry solutions accelerate the development of new chemicals

Quality Control Laboratory

Quality control relies on fast and precise analytical measurement as well as good data management. Our analytical balances, titrators, pH meters, density meters, refractometers, melting point meters and pipettes can be tailored to each customer’s application and provide a fully documented workflow for every quality control lab.

Scaleup & Production

Our sensors for measuring critical liquid analytical parameters, such as pH and oxygen levels and water conductivity and resistivity as well as total organic carbon, enable pharmaceutical, biotech and other companies to continuously ensure product quality and meet regulatory standards. Our transmitters and connectivity solutions make data collection and integration into control systems efficient and flexible.

Production & Filling

We offer industrial scales in all sizes and formats, terminals and software to control and monitor manufacturing processes. Specialized solutions for formulation, piece-counting and many other applications help to improve productivity and reduce errors.


Product inspection solutions help to safeguard product quality, safety and integrity, inside and out. Our systems for metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray and vision inspection provide confidence that product quality is maintained, compliance with industry standards is achieved, and consumers and brands are protected.


Our vehicle scale systems offer the highest level of accuracy and can prevent unexpected downtime thanks to a unique design and remote diagnostics capabilities. For express carriers, in-motion weighing, dimensioning and identification software solutions increase throughput and provide revenue recovery opportunities.

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These are Mettler Toledo Main and Sub Product

Laboratory Weighing

  • Analytical Balances
  • Precision Balances
  • Microbalance & Ultra Micro Balances
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • etc

Industrial Scales and Load Cell Systems

  • Scale Indicator and Scale Controller Systems
  • Bench Scale and Portable Scale
  • Platform Scale
  • Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales
  • etc

Product Inspection

  • Checkweigher Solutions
  • Metal Detection – Safeline
  • Safeline X-ray Inspection Systems
  • Track & Trace Solutions
  • etc


  • Pipette Tips
  • High-throughput Pipetting
  • Pipette Management
  • Manual Pipettes
  • etc

Process Analytics

  • Analytical Transmitters
  • pH Analyzers & ORP Analyzers
  • CO2, Ozone & Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
  • Conductivity Analyzers
  • etc

Truck Scales / Weighbridges and Dimensioning

  • Weighbridge Systems and Solutions
  • Pallet and Parcel Dimensioners
  • Dynamic Parcel Weighing
  • Rail Scales / Railroad Weighing Scales
  • etc

Analytical Instruments

  • Thermal Analysis Excellence
  • pH Meter
  • Titrators
  • Melting Point and Dropping Point Instruments
  • etc

Automated Reactors and In-Situ Analysis

  • ReactIR In-situ Reaction Analysis
  • Automated Synthesis & Process Development
  • Automated Sampling for Chemical Reactions
  • Reaction Calorimeters
  • etc

Retail Weighing Scales

  • Basic Scales
  • Counter Scales
  • Self-Service Scales
  • Wrapping and Weigh Price Labeling
  • etc


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