Turck Automation Systems

Turck Automation Systems is a global partner for factory, process and logistics automation in numerous industries. With our digitally networkable solutions for efficient automation systems, we are one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. As a specialist in smart sensor technology and decentralized automation, Turck brings intelligence to machines and ensures reliable detection, transmission and processing of relevant production data – from sensor to cloud – not only with robust I/O solutions in IP67, but also with user-friendly software and services.

Automation solutions from Turck increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in numerous industries and applications, from the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry to the automotive industry and mobile machinery to intralogistics and packaging. Industry-specific application knowledge gained from an intensive exchange with customers, combined with electronics development and production at the highest level, provides optimal solutions for customers’ automation tasks.

More than 4,650 employees worldwide develop, produce and sell products and solutions from the areas of sensor, fieldbus, control, cloud, connection and interface technology as well as HMI and RFID. Our worldwide production and sales network includes more than 30 subsidiaries as well as agencies in another 60 countries. State-of-the-art production facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA, Mexico and China enable us as an independent family-owned company to be flexible and to quickly meet the requirements of local markets at all times.

The Products of Turck Automation Systems

Turck Automation Systems Products
Turck Automation Systems Products

Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors detect metallic objects without making physical contact. The wear-free operating principle ensures maximum operational safety and guarantees that the resistant initiators have a long useful lifetime.

Thanks to their extraordinary coil concept, uprox sensors from Turck also offer the largest switching distance, Factor 1 for all metals and unique installation freedoms. Proximity switches can be flexibly installed.

The complete range of inductive sensors includes, among other things, the following product series:

  • Factor 1 sensors
  • Rectangular, threaded and smooth barrel sensors
  • Explosion-proof sensors
  • Sensors with a cable connection, connector or terminal chamber

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors are used in numerous industries such as material transport, packaging, food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. Even in the high ranges, they detect almost all materials with no physical contact and do so with particularly fast response times. Thus, the sensors are ideal for applications with large numbers and frequencies. Turck has one of the world’s largest ranges of photoelectric sensors – whether in a compact miniature form, with a high range or especially resistant for use in extreme environments.

Capacitive Sensors

Whether in the plastics, chemicals or packaging industry – capacitive sensors reliably detect all solids, bulk goods, liquids, metals and non-metals. As they are non-contact, reaction-free and work through container walls, there is no wear. Only limit level sensors from the NCLS product series, which can also be used in the food industry thanks to the hygienic design, come into direct contact with media.

The potential uses of sensors are as diverse as the available designs (threaded barrel, smooth barrel or rectangular). The limit level measurement of liquids is an important application area in addition to object detection and many other applications.

  • BCT – Capacitive Sensors with IO-Link
  • BCC – Capacitive Sensors for Bulk Goods, Statically Charged Media
  • BC – Capacitive Sensors for Standard Applications
  • BCF – Capacitive Sensors for Critical, Adhesive Media
  • NCLS – Capacitive Limit Level Sensors in a Hygienic Design

Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic field sensors are used, in particular, for the contactless detection of the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. We also offer application-specific sensor types for use in welding or Ex-areas as well as for analog position measuring.

Magnetically actuated proximity sensors in cylindrical form enable large detection ranges of up to 90 mm such as for pig detection in pipelines. Thanks to maximum EMC immunity and protection class IP67, the sensors support high system availability.

  • NIMFE – Weld Nut Sensors Guarantee a Reject-free Production Process
  • BIM – Magnetic Field Sensors for All Common Pneumatic Cylinders

Ultrasonic Sensors

By their nature, many media and objects make detection and distance measurement by sensors more difficult. However, metals or non-metals, transparent, liquid or powdery surfaces are usually well suited to be reliably detected by ultrasonic sensors.

To ensure ideal adaptation to the respective application, there are many variants of Turck ultrasonic sensor that feature temperature compensation, interference suppression for external noises and other options.

  • LUS Product Series — Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Small- and Medium-Sized Tanks
  • RU50 – Ultrasonic Sensors of the Eco Line for Price-sensitive OEM Projects
  • RU10/RU20/RU40 – Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors for Confined Spaces
  • RU600 – Ultrasonic Sensors with a Large Range of up to 6 m
  • RU40/RU100 – Compact Ultrasonic Sensors with the Largest Ranges

Radar Sensors

Radar sensors are ideal solutions outdoors, because wind, rain or fog cannot harm them. Regardless of external influences, the sensors can prevent port machine or forklift collisions, for example. With the help of the FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar sensors of the DR or LRS series, but also T30R, QT50R, Q120R or Q240R reliably detect moving and static objects.

  • DR – Reliable Distance Measurement under Harsh Environmental Conditions
  • LRS Product Series — IO-Link Radar Sensors for Level Measurement
  • QT50R — High Range with Compact Dimensions and Robustness
  • Q120R — Collision Protection at Ranges of up to 40 m

Linear Position Sensors

Position measurement tasks can be solved with a number of Turck sensors tailored to the requirements of each application. The portfolio comprises, on the one hand, inductive linear position sensors with a wear-free measuring principle. Furthermore, various draw-wire sensors and magnetostrictive linear position sensors are available for position detection in hydraulic cylinders and linear position sensors for the tracking of floats for level measurement.

Dynamic and highly precise: Inductive, magnetic, magnetostrictive or draw-wire can transmit path information of up to 40 meters measuring length to the higher-level control. High sampling rates and precise measurement signals are necessary for demanding motion control.

  • Li – Linear Position Sensors with Fault-free Resonator Measuring Principle
  • DW – Draw-wire Sensors for Precise Positioning
  • LTX / LTE – Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors for Hydraulic Cylinders


Encoders are used for any application where rotation speed, sense, position, angle and length are monitored. The Turck range comprises contactless and conventional encoders in various designs, graduated in a range of sizes from 24 up to 102 mm diameter, as versions for incremental or absolute position detection, as hollow or solid shaft variants. Vibration resistance and robustness without compromise are prerequisites for reliable operation of the devices, even in demanding environments.

Innovative technology: Contactless encoders QR24 and QR20 are based on the inductive measuring principle. Users benefit from the wear-free design and interference immunity.

  • RI – Completely Contactless, Inductive Encoders
  • RE – Conventional Encoders for Different Applications


The compact inclinometers in the Q20L60 and Q42 product series are suitable for virtually any application where an inclination angle needs to be detected contactlessly. Dynamic sensors in the QR20 product series with a fused sensor signal from MEMS and gyroscope ensure reliable inclination measurement in moving applications and filter out shocks and vibrations much more effectively than conventional signal filters.

We offer sensors for angular ranges of  ±10°, ±45°, ±60° and ±85° as well as with freely selectable measuring range 0…360°. The following output variants are available: 4–20 mA, 0.5–4.9 V, 0–10 V, PNP/NPN switching window as NC or NO contact, IO-Link, CANopen.

  • QR20 — Single- and Two-Axis Inclinometers with Unrivaled Dynamics
  • Q20L60 — Compact Inclinometers for Measuring Ranges up to 360°
  • Q42 — Two-Axis Inclinometers with up to 360° Measuring Range

Pressure Sensors

Whether on presses, cooling circuits or storage tanks – pressure that needs to be monitored and measured can be found everywhere. With an extensive range of pressure sensors, Turck offers tailor-made solutions for industrial applications and mobile equipment.

There is also a huge range of different sensor types, process connections and output signals available to users. The sensors are robust even under extreme conditions to ensure long-lasting, reliable operation. With smart IO-Link functions, the PS510 and PS310 series also support the requirements of Industry 4.0.

  • PS+ – User-friendly Pressure Sensors with Capacitive Touch Pads
  • PT1000/2000 – Robust Pressure Transmitter for Use Under Extreme Conditions
  • PT1100/2100 – Pressure Transmitters for Mobile Machines

Temperature Sensors

Turck’s product portfolio provides users with flexibility for temperature measurement: Temperature sensors from the TS product series enable quick commissioning and offer a high level of convenience during operation. The TTM/TTMS product series includes a number of compact sensors – with integrated probe or with M12 connector for separate probes. T-Gage infrared sensors measure temperatures from 0 to 300 °C without making physical contact, which can prove to be a distinct cost advantage.

The range is supplemented by quick temperature measuring amplifiers (IMX12, IM34), including particularly narrow interface devices – for more space in a switch cabinet with peak performance at the same time.

  • TS+ – Temperature Sensors with Plug & Play
  • TTM – IO-Link-Enabled Miniature Temperature Sensors
  • IM34/IMX12 – Temperature Measuring Amplifiers for Measured Value Evaluation
  • T-Gage – Infrared Temperature Sensors for Contactless Measurements

Flow Sensors/Flow Meters

Monitoring flowing media plays an important role in many industrial applications. In that regard, a distinction is made between flow sensors and flow meters depending on the requirements.

Flow sensors ensure low-cost and safe monitoring of limit values, while flow meters continuously measure the volume flow. Turck offers a wide range of sensors with integrated or downstream electronics – for liquids, gaseous media or explosion hazardous areas.

  • FS+ – Compact Flow Sensors with IO-Link
  • FCI/FTCI/FCVI/FCMI – Inline Sensors for Pipe Sizes up to DN20
  • FM/FMX – Evaluation Units for the Connection of Flow Sensors

Level Sensors

Users can utilize the respective advantages of different measuring principles for limit level detection or continuous level measurement. This depends on factors such as whether granular media or liquids where foam forms on the surface are used. Similarly, special solutions are required for mounting in confined spaces, in areas with explosion protection and in particularly deep containers.

Turck offers a comprehensive portfolio featuring sensors for various media and environments and both medium-contacting and contactless detection. These include capacitive and magnetostrictive sensors, fiber optic, ultrasonic and radar sensors, and devices with a guided microwave.

  • LRS Product Series — IO-Link Radar Sensors for Level Measurement
  • LUS Product Series — Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Small- and Medium-Sized Tanks
  • NCLS — Capacitive Limit Level Sensor for Medium-Contacting Detection
  • QS18 — Level Control with Optical Sensors
  • LS-5 — Robust Level Sensor Based on a Guided Microwave
  • LTX — Level Detection with Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensor

Condition Monitoring Sensors

Condition monitoring sensors are specially designed to record environmental and system variables that allow conclusions to be drawn about the condition of a machine or system. With the help of this information, critical conditions or anomalies can be detected early in order to plan maintenance in advance and increase system availability.

Turck offers condition monitoring sensors for the detection of vibration, temperature and humidity. IO-Link interfaces facilitate system integration and information transfer. Modbus wireless interfaces enable connection to wireless systems, which simplifies retrofitting of the condition monitoring sensors as well as our mounting accessories.

Condition Monitoring Sensors

  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • For Condition Monitoring with IO-Link
  • Type: CMTH1-M12-IOL6X2-H1141
  • ID: 100027532

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • With Serial Interface
  • RS485/Modbus RTU
  • Type: M12FTH3Q
  • ID: 3025898


For use in rough industrial environments, we offer standardized and customized components for all requirements. The portfolio of connectivity products comprises male and female connectors, flanges and cable bushings, connection and extension cables, fieldbus lines and junction boxes in many designs and variants. Field-wireable types complement the product range, allowing you to use them with your own cables.

  • Cordsets
  • Receptacles
  • 2-Way Splitters
  • Passive Junction Boxes
  • Field-wireable Connectors
  • Bulk Cable
  • Inductive Coupling

Lighting and Indicators

We have a huge range of LED displays and lights for industrial applications for you to choose from: work lights to directly illuminate workstations and machines, signal lights and display lights to show process and machine statuses and Pick-to-Light versions for order-picking processes. The tower lights and indicator lights provide visual as well as acoustic status messages. Versions of the work lights for challenging working conditions—such as high temperatures, aggressive media or a dirty environment—are also available. All devices are characterized by low power consumption. Thanks to their long lifetime, the LEDs need not be replaced

Industrial LED Task Lighting

  • Tower Lights
  • LED Indicators
  • Touch Buttons
  • Pick-to-Light

Fieldbus Technology

  • I/O Systems
  • I/O Modules
  • PA Bus Components
  • Accessories

Interface Technology

  • Safety Barriers
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Control Cabinet Monitoring

Machine Safety

The degree of automation is very advanced in today’s manufacturing technology. At the same time, machine and system hazards have been reduced considerably. This is, in particular, owed to the high demands on the safety more…

  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Grid System
  • Safety Laser Scanner
  • Safety Switches
  • Emergency Stop and Stop Controls
  • Two-Hand Controls
  • Safety I/O Modules
  • Safety Controllers
  • Safety Relays

Reference : www.turck.de

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