BAMOPHAR 364 Bamo Conductivity Meter

BAMOPHAR 364 Bamo Conductivity Meter on a color touch-sensitive screen a multilingual friendly using menu. The reading is easy for measurement, temperature and relay status. Conductivity and temperature values are available as well from outputs 4-20 mA. With inductive probes TCS 3020 or TCS S50, BAMOPHAR 364 allows measurements from 10 µS/cm up to 2000 mS/cm all along process routines.

  • Probe TCS 3020 in NORYL  is recommended for neutral liquids.
  • Probe TCS S50 in PEEK is recommended when application requires high chemical resistance or process is at high temperature.

BAMOPHAR 364 a complete system includes:

  • 1 Inductive probe, cable output
  • 1 Probe holder for immersion or on-line application.
  • 1 Converter, factory calibrated.
  • 1 Monitor BAMOPHAR 364

OPTION: Extension terminal for 2nd measuring parameter

  • Allows a second measuring parameter (pH, flow-rate, turbidity, etc.) Data from this blind unit are displayed on the main unit
  • Mounting: wall or panel versions
  • Connected to main unit with 2 x2 wires shielded cable (Cable length between both devices: max. 500 m)
  • RS422 and Data Logger of main unit are shared between both units

BAMOPHAR 364 Features

  • Color touch-sensitive screen
  • Measuring range, 4 scales: 0 – 2 mS/cm up to 0 – 2000 mS/cm
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 2 Outputs 0/4-20mA
  • 3 Independent relays
  • 1 Relay for alarms
  • OPTIONS : RS 422 /J-BUS + LOGGER Extension terminal for 2nd measuring parameter


Bamo Conductivity Meter measurement for monitoring and/ or regulation in water treatment, chemical industries, industrial applications:

  • Cooling towers survey
  • Clean water control (wells, drinking water, thermal baths …)
  • Stormwater and runoff water survey
  • WWTP survey
  • Concentration measurements of acid and base
  • Chemicals quality survey
  • Option: display in the concentration of NaCl, NaOH or HCl

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BAMOPHAR 364 Specification

End-user interface Color touch-sensitive screen 4.3”, resolution 480×272 pixels
Display of measurements, menus, temperature, relay status
Configuration: Keyword protected
Measuring range 10 µS/cm up to 2000 mS/cm
Measuring ranges 0 … 2 mS/cm; 0 …20 mS/cm; 0 … 200 mS/cm; 0 … 2000 mS/cm
Accuracy ± 0.3 %; ± 0.3 °C On
Probe input screw connectors
Temperature compensation Automatic with Pt 100 signal, sensor built-in the inductive probe. Manually between 0 and 100 °C
Relay outputs 4 contacts, NO, potential free
Configurable thresholds S1, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
S2, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature
S3, independent threshold, to set up for measurement or temperature or external
function S4, to set up for alarming function: out of range or broken cable

Download Data Sheet: Conductivity Meter for Inductive Probe BAMOPHAR 364


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