Allied Insulators

Allied Insulators have been designing, manufacturing and supplying insulators for more than 150 years. The roots of the business are found in many of today’s prestigious manufacturers, a heritage we are proud of.

a management led buyout of Allied Insulators from the Wade Ceramics Group saw the company restored to its original form as a manufacturer in its own right. Underpinning the Allied Insulators company is the unique foundation of knowledge, service and experience that can only be gained through this vast history.

Since electrification until present day Allied Insulators has shaped this industry and its evolution. Incorporating renowned brands such as Bullers Insulators and Doulton Insulators the company has adapted to the ever changing demands of market place.

Underpinning the Allied Insulators company is this unique foundation of knowledge, service and experience that can only be gained through this vast history.

The Allied Insulators of today offers an extensive and diversified product range; supplying a UK and overseas customer base with high specification, quality insulators, overhead line fittings and switch disconnector products. All our products are designed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the industries which they serve.

Allied Insulators has a proven reputation for quality, innovation, flexibility and a highly responsive service based on many years experience. The company is a leader within the industry, committed to continuous development as a world class business.

Allied Insulators Products

Transmission & Distribution

Using our extensive knowledge we have continued to develop our range over the years to include new designs using a range of materials and incorporating modern manufacturing techniques.

Insulators for transmission and distribution applications can be supplied in porcelain, glass and composite materials to cover all applications at voltages up to 800kV.

Toughened Glass

We have developed a range of toughened glass cap and pin insulators for use on transmission lines up to 400kV with mechanical ratings of up to 400kN.

This includes traditional plain and anti-fog profiles for different applications as well as aerodynamic profiles traditionally used in desert environments.


Porcelain insulators supplied by Allied Insulators during the first 100 years of our existence shaped our brand and their benefits and longevity have been proven over time.

We continue to supply cap and pin disc insulators, spools, strain and stay, pin and line post insulators along with numerous bespoke products developed over years of close collaboration with our customers.

Compsite & HDPE

We have been supplying composite insulators manufactured from silicon rubber since 2000 and are the leading supplier of composite insulators to the UK electricity distribution market

Originally the demand was focussed on low and medium voltage long rods but our portfolio has developed to include long rods up to 600kN, composite line posts up to 400kV and bespoke solutions such as those developed in conjunction with National Grid for T-Pylon.

Pin insulators manufactured from our proprietary HDPE material and in accordance with BS or ANSI standards offer a lightweight and robust alternative to traditional porcelain types.

Fittings & Accessories

Coupled with our design capabilities we are able to supply full string solutions for poles, lattice steel towers and bespoke pylons.

A full range of insulator and conductor fittings including wedge clamps, compression fittings and helical fittings for OPPC/OPGW conductors complements our insulator range and enables us to offer full string solutions as well as discrete conductor fittings such as spacers, vibrations dampers and mid span joints.

Allied Insulators Substantions

manufacture a range of substations insulators and connectors to suit a range of voltages and service applications :


We can design and manufacture a range of post insulators in porcelain, composite or hybrid with porcelain core and silicon rubber housing to BS, IEC and ANSI standards.

Allied’s posts are widely used in AC and DC substations up to 800kV as well as being supplied to apparatus manufacturers. Strain sets comprising all fittings from the anchor point and the dead end connection can be supplied with porcelain, glass or composite insulators.

Connectors & Accessories

We design and supply power connectors for use in transmission and distribution substations up to 500kV in accordance with international standards, and we can also offer customized solutions.

Connectors are available in bronze or aluminium and bi-metalic connectors are available for interfacing between Al-Cu connections.

Air Break Switch Disconnector

Allied Insulators range of ABSDs for use at 11 and 33kV and rated up to 630A have been designed with cooperation from our customers to provide a quick and easy to install ABSD which can be supplied for installation on standard steelwork or complete with all steelwork to enable fitting directly to a wood pole. Suitable for pole top or underhung mounting and offered with either porcelain or polymeric insulators our ABSDs can be supplied with either dependant or independent manual closing mechanisms.

Product Details & Functionality

Manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC 60265-1, IEC 60694, IEC 62271, BS EN 60129 and ENATS 41-36 at our ISO 9001 approved factory based in Stoke-on-Trent.

All products are available in voltages from 11kV to 36kV and ratings up to 630A.

The Allied disconnector range can be supplied with the following options:

  • Silicon rubber insulators as standard or porcelain if preferred
  • High Crepage insulators for desert/coastal
  • Plain break Arcing Horns
  • Load Break Interrupter Heads for increased rating
  • Independent manual closing mechanisms for
  • improved capability
  • High level Hook Stick operation as standard, ground operated handle on request
  • Two or Three Stage interlock operations are available and can be adopted to meet the customers operational safety rules


Allied insulators have been an integral part of the UK electrified rail network since its inception. In more recent years our portfolio has widened to include composite railway insulators as an alternative for traditional porcelain. Additionally our conductor rail insulators have been radically re-developed using high tech materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Ole Catenary Insulators

Porcelain Rail Catenary Insulators

Were originally designed and manufactured in porcelain, the network rail infrastructure was all constructed using these insulators. There is still a demand for porcelain in locations with stringent fire regulations (tunnels & stations) and we are the only approved supplier for the UK rail system

Various Porcelain catenary and post insulators also return conductor insulators & rolling stock insulators for circuit breaker & pantograph applications.

Customer Specific

These insulator designs, end fittings or attachments can easily be accommodated and manufactured to preference. High pollution extended creepage distance insulators especially for desert or coastal conditions or high strength insulators are also available as standard.

Eurotunnel Porcelain Insulators

Were designed and manufactured in the UK by Allied, subsequent projects have seen a number replaced over the years and we still have on-going demand from Eurotunnel.

Composite OLE Catenary Insulators

Have been developed based on our extensive experience of composite silicon rubber insulators used within the distribution and transmission side of the business. We can supply a complete range of OLE insulators for all high speed catenary systems.

Another Article:

Conductor Rail Insulators

Porcelain Conductor Rail (Third & Fourth Rail) Insulators developed and approved for the Network Rail & London Underground system since it began. Over 80 Years history in UK Rail and still supplying product today. More recent designs accommodate modern composite rails and integral bases.

Polymer Conductor Rail Insulators

Developed and approved in modern thermoplastic materials and injection moulded designs. Fully adjustable, robust, lightweight, chemical resistant & 100% Recyclable. Superior in strength to any other insulator in this application. Unlike hazardous glass fibre epoxy resin insulators there are no harmful chemicals or processes used in the manufacturing and these also exhibit excellent low smoke and toxicity for tunnel applications. Available in various materials to suit any application.

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