Bamo MAXIMAT VK C Level Compact Overfill Sensor

Bamo MAXIMAT VK C Level Compact Overfill Sensor is designed to detect conductive liquids non electrically conductive. The detection results from position of a magnet inside the float and a Reed contact. The liquids may not generate deposit originating jamming of float. The MAXIMAT has 3 different outputs, factory built-in:

  • Binary output to active optocoupler, numeric input
  • Analog 0…20 mA output for any analog input of PLC

Bamo MAXIMAT VK C Features

  • Float level detection
  • For aggressive and non electrically conductive liquids
  • Positive active alarm
  • Auto diagnostic system and LED indication
  • Approvals: DIBT Z-65.13-294, for overfilling detection WHG§19, and VLAREM II


With its integrated transmitter and connection for diagnostic, the MAXIMAT is ideal to detect the liquid level and to give an alarm before the overfilling of a tank. Convenient to use with non electrically conductive liquids, oils, emulsified, non-flammable, water endangering liquids (even highly aggressive liquids). It is a perfect instrument to detect fluid in a double wall tank. MAXIMAT VKC operates with liquids of specific weight from 0,7 g/cm3

Bamo MAXIMAT VK C Specification

Main power supply: 15 … 26 V DC; caution: DC current circuit should be protected by a fuse of 250 mA.
Power consumption: approx. 3 W
Ambient temperature: -20 to +60° C
Operating pressure: atmospheric, 0.8 to 1.1 bar
Terminal housing: PBT, fibre glass reinforced, IP 65 acc. EN 60 529
Terminals: screw connectors, IP 20; max. wire cross-section 2.5 mm2
Outputs: • Switch [+DO / -DO]: optocoupler NPN, maximum 30 mA
• Switch [+AO / -AO]: current 0…20 mA
Configuration: with 4 DIP switches
Lighting signal: 1 LED inside the terminal housing for correct operating system
CE mark: in accordance with low-voltage directive (73/23/EWG) and EMC directives (89/336/EWG) and standards EN 50 082-2 : 1995, EN 55 011 (class A) : 1998
Approvals DIBT Z-65.13-294, for overfilling detection WHG§19, and VLAREM II

Download Data Sheet: Level Compact Overfill Sensor MAXIMAT VK C


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