Bamo NIVOMAG Magnetic Float Level Switch

Bamo NIVOMAG Magnetic Float Level Switch is a compact 316 stainless steel switch. Measurement principle : a noncontact coupling system is realized by the permanent magnet of the float placed in the tank that can activate the microswitch situated in the housing mounted on the outside. Therefore, the unit does not require external power. The variety of both the top and side-mounted versions makes it easy to install the switch in any tank at any location.

For the simplest level switching you can select models with fixed hysteresis, while for level control application we offer Nivomag switches with adjustable hysteresis. All parts in contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel. Models with rubber or silicon sleeves can be applied for contaminated liquids. This sensor is suitable for applications up to 25 bar and 250 °C for liquids with densities greater than 0.7.

Bamo NIVOMAG Magnetic Float Level Switch Features

  • For level of liquid on any kind of tanks
  • Versions for neutrals, alkali or acidic fluids
  • Versions for side or top mounted
  • Max. 250°C medium temperature
  • Explosion proof version available


Magnetic float level switches are used for level detection of liquids in all types of tanks. They are perfectly suited for use in condensate tanks, base tanks, storage tanks or to provide an alarm for low levels of lubricating oils or fuels.

Bamo NIVOMAG Magnetic Float Level Switch Specification

Mounting Side mounting Vertical mounting
NIVOMAG type MKA-21_-_ MKG-2_ _ MKS-2_ _ MKA-23_-_
Pressure 25 bar max. 16 bar max.
Liquid temperature -20 … +250 °C 0 … +100 °C 0 … +200 °C -20 … +250 °C
Ambient temperature -20 … +80 °C
S. G. From 0.7 to 0.85 (See § selection – page 1)
Hysteresis Fixed Adjustable
Insertion distance See drawings
Wet parts material AISI 316 Ti
Housing material Aluminum alloy, epoxy painted
Switch Micro-switch (NO & NC)*
Switching power 250 V AC 12-10 A / 220 V DC 13-0,6 A (IEC 947-5-1)
Switching power, Ex version 250 V AC 12-2,5 A / 220 V DC 13-0,3 A (IEC 947-5-1)
Connector With 1 pressure gland, PG 16 (cable 5×2,5 mm²)
Protection IP 65
Class Electric protection Class 1
Approval Ex II 1/2 G Ex dme IIC T4…T6 (Excepted for MKG and MKS)

Download Data Sheet: Magnetic Float Level Switch NIVOMAG


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