Bamo NIVOSTOP®SG2 Float Level Controller

Bamo NIVOSTOP®SG2 Float Level Controller with integrated counterweight is freely suspended down to the desired level. When the fluid level rises or falls, the position of the float changes; The counterweight keeps the device at a correct detection depth. The float tilts upwards as the liquid level rises (see picture), then the built-in micro-switch commutes.

No mounting bracket or a separate adjustment weight is necessary for this. With the integrated counterweight, NIVOSTOP SG2 is less sensitive to turbulence.

Bamo NIVOSTOP®SG2 Float Level Controller Features

  • Vertical installation from the top of tank
  • Integrated counterweight
  • Changeover contact: 1 mA to 3 A
  • For liquid density ≥ 1kg/dm³
  • Convenient for liquids with solid particles


Level limit value or level control in:

  • Sewage and lifting plants
  • Pumping station
  • Septic tanks

Bamo NIVOSTOP®SG2 Specification

Detection loop 4 … 250 V AC; 4 … 30 V DC
For voltage > 50 V, the container or the liquid must be connected to electric ground.
Switching power Rated: 1 mA – 3 A
Contact Microswitch, gold contact, potential free changeover contact
Temperature limits +1 … +60 °C
Fluid density ϱ ≥ 1 kg/dm³
Immersion depth limit 30 m
Materials Float and cable gland: polyethylene (HDPE)
Seal: TPR
Cable Or PVC or TPK
Protection IP 68

Download Data Sheet: Float Level Controller NIVOSTOP® – SG2