Bamo NIVOSTOP SS2 Float Switches

Bamo NIVOSTOP SS2 Float Switches are designed for level control in tanks and basins. The cigar-shaped type is for insertion in tank with hole of diameter 30 mm, for instance through the wall or the top of the tank. The float switch rotates on one fixed point on its cable. The float follows the level of the liquid. The built-in contact switches at about 5 to 15° of angle below or above the fixed point. The height of switching point depends on the length of the cable between fixed point and float.

Bamo NIVOSTOP SS2 Float Switches Features

  • Mercury-free
  • Fair cost
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with chemicals
  • Switching current 1 mA … 3 A


  • Limit switch
  • Sewage lifting plants
  • Filling / draining control of tank
  • Liquid level control in all industries


Switching power: 4V-250VAC;4-30VDC
Switching current: 1 mA … 3A
Switch: Microswitch (gold contacts), changeover contact, potential-free
Temperature limits: +1 … +60 °C
Operating pressure: 0.5 bar as a maximum
Mounting, switching angle: The float switch is fixed with its cable at one point.
The float follows the level and tilts around the fixed point.
Liquid density ϱ ≥ 1.0 kg/dm³
TPK and PES cables:
PVC cable (for lubricating oil): ϱ ≥ 0.9 kg/dm³
Materials Polyethylene (PE-HD)
Cable: TPK, PVC, PVC oil-resistant, acid-resistant sheathed (PES)
Protection: IP 68
Chemical resistance of cables Water; Alkalis and acids of low concentration
PES: Acid-resistant
PVC: Lubricating oil


Download Data Sheet: Float Switches NIVOSTOP SS2

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