Hengstler ICURO RI36 Incremental Encoders

Hengstler ICURO RI36 Incremental Encoders encoders for industrial applications featuring up to 3600 lines and high dependability. Thanks to its high ingress protection rating of IP64, this encoder is suitable for use in e.g. machine tools, robots, special-purpose machinery, and high-speed spoolers.

Hengstler offers a wide range of incremental and absolute encoders that provide reliable performance in challenging environments such as construction machinery, CNC machining, oil and gas, agriculture, mining, and more.

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From cost-aware standard types to extremely robust heavy-duty products, HENGSTLER can supply the right incremental rotary encoder for every application. With optical incremental rotary encoders, a line-coded disc made of metal, plastic or glass and mounted on a rotary bearing interrupts a beam of light from a light-emitting diode.

The number of lines determines the resolution, i.e. the number of measured points in one revolution. The interruptions of the light beam are sensed by the receptor element and electronically processed. The information is then made available as a rectangular signal at the encoder output. HENGSTLER can provide rotary encoders with up to 10,000 pulses per revolution.


  • Small industrial rotary decoders for high numbers of lines
  • High dependability
  • Fields of application e.g. CNC axes, machine tools, Robots, Special machinery, High-speed spoolers

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Product Family RI36
Ordering Information Rotary Encoder RI36
Function / Application Incremental
Technology Optical
Housing Diameter [mm] 36 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft Hollow 4 … 10 mm
Revolutions [rpm] 10,000 rpm
Number of Pulses 5 … 3600
Interface Push-pull
Push-pull complementary
Open Collector NPN

Ref: hengstler.de

Download Data Sheet: Incremental Encoders ICURO RI36

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