Baumer FPDK 14PRetro Photoelectric Sensor

Light sensor and also commonly called Photoelectric Sensor.

Baumer FPDK 14PRetro Photoelectric Sensor uses light-sensitive elements to detect objects and consists of a transmitter/emitter (Light Source) and receiver (receiver).

on retro-reflective sensor type of emitter and receiver sensor is in one device / combined so that it is quite simple, the receiver’s task in the type of through-beam sensor, has been replaced by a reflector, the emitted beam comes out, will be reflected back by the reflector and received by the receiver, so that when the beam emitted does not reach the receiver, then the sensor output will work.



type retro-reflective sensor
light source pulsed red LED
polarization filter yes
alignment / soiled lens indicator flashing light indicator
light indicator LED yellow
sensitivity adjustment no
wavelength 660 nm
suppression of reciprocal influence yes
actual range Sb = 3,2 m
version single-lens optics
nominal range Sn 3,8 m
actual range Sb = 7 m
nominal range Sn 7,2 m


response time / release time < 1 ms
voltage supply range +Vs 10 … 30 VDC
current consumption max. (no load) 25 mA
current consumption Amp. 20 mA
voltage drop Vd < 1,8 VDC
output function light / dark operate
output current < 100 mA
short circuit protection yes
reverse polarity protection yes


width / diameter 14,8 mm
height / length 43 mm
depth 31 mm
type rectangular
housing material plastic (ASA, MABS)
front (optics) PMMA

Ambient Conditions

operating temperature -25 … +65 °C
protection class IP 67


Dimension FPDK 14P

Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram FPDK 14P

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