NMI Series Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

Nanaboshi Electrical Connector

Electrical Connector NMI Nanaboshi is a high current type waterproof connector. It can be used for plant equipment and power supplies for large machines.


RoHS Not compatible
Waterproof connector
  • Equivalent to waterproof function IP-67 at NMI-90 connection
  • Waterproof function IP-55 when NMI-120 is combined
Lock method Screw lock method
Material features Lightweight and robust by using aluminum alloy
Connection method Soldering

Materials and Treatment

Material Processing
Shell Aluminum alloy
Insulator Synthetic resin
Contact Copper alloy Silver
Packing Synthetic rubber

Electrical Performance

903 904 1203
Contact array [Positive pin (male) contact side look from the bonding surface]
Rated 600V 200A 600V 300A
Withstand Voltage ( V r.m.s.) 2500
Contact voltage drop at rated current 20mV or less
Insulation resistance (MΩ) 5,000 or more
Wire conductor cross-section (mm2) 60 or less 150 or less
Cable Finished Outer Diameter (mm)
φ23.1 To φ25.0
φ26.1 To φ28.0
φ29.1 To φ48.0
φ41 to φ74
Operating temperature limit -25 ° C to + 85 ° C

25 AA Connector Nanaboshi

25AA electrical connector nanaboshi is product from japan, Connection work is also easy with the crimping method. Ideal for desktop equipment because it is lightweight and made of resin.

25 AA Connector Nanaboshi
25 AA Connector Nanaboshi


RoHS RoHS compliant
Waterproof None
Lock method Screw lock method
 Mechanism and material
  • Lightweight and rigid plastic shell
  • Crimping for easy connection work
Standard <PSE> There is a product compliant with the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act
Connection method Crimp type
Operating temperature range -25 ° C to + 85 ° C


Shell Size Number of Contacts 2 3 (Straight core) 3 (Reverse core) 4 (Straight core) 4(Reverse core)
contact Array<Pin (male) contact Seen from the bonding surface>
Rating 250V
Withstand voltage
(V r.m.s. )
Wire conductor cross section(mm2)
0.75, 1.25, 2

circular connector, nanaboshi connector.

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