J. Schneider AKKUTEC 2403 VdS

J Schneider AKKUTEC 2403 VdS, Battery buffered DC-UPS AKKUTEC 2403 VdS The battery-buffered DC power supply works according the stand-by-parallel principle and ensures together with a lead-acid battery for a defined time a secure maintenance of the DC supply in case of mains failure. The total output current is shared between supply of the load and charging of the battery.

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J Schneider AKKUTEC 2403 VdS Technical Data

Nominal input voltage 110/230 V AC (±15%)
Input voltage range for charging operation 93.5 V … 264.5 V
Nominal frequency 47 Hz … 63 Hz
Power consumption 90 VA
Self current consumption 100 mA @ 24 V
Max. nominal input current 0.5 A
Max. inrush current 35 A / 2 ms
Max. nominal output current 3 A
Nominal output voltage (in mains operation) 24 V DC
Output voltage range (with temperature tracking) 26.4 V … 28.6 V DC ±0.4%
Charging characteristics I/U DIN41773
Charging end voltage without temp.-Sensor 26.4 V DC ±0.4%
Deep discharge protection and load shedding 20.4 V DC ±0.4%
Max power loss ‚worst-case‘ 14 W
Efficiency 85% q (Ue=230 V; Ua=26.4 V DC; Ia=INenn)
Voltage ripple < 100 mV eff.
Internal device protection 2 A (T), 250 V
Fuse DC-output circuit (external) 5 A(T)
Fuse DC-battery circuit (external) 5 A(T)
Max. signal contact load (mains-OK[1]) 30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact
Max. signal contact load (Bat-OK 1 ) 30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact
Max. signal contact load (General fault 1 ) 30 V/ 0.5 A
potential-free relay-contact
Max. signal voltage range (Shut-Down) 24 V DC (6-45 V DC)
floating switching input
Accumulator type Pb-accumulator, maintenance-free
max 2×45 Ah
Back-up time Accumulator specific
Protective system IP20
Operating temperature -10 °C … 50 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C … 50 °C
Rel. humidity ≤95% no condensation
Max. installation altitude 2000 m above sea level
Dimensions (HxWxD) 153 mm, 72 mm, 125 mm
Weight 1 Kg
Fixation Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail
or mounting bracket for mounting plate
UL approvals UL 508

Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet


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