OBL Blackline XL Series Topline Hydraulic diaphragm Pump

OBL Blackline XL Series Topline Hydraulic diaphragm, API 675 rugged and reliable pump to operate in harsh environments. The XL’s are rugged and very accurate single-block positive return hydraulic diaphragm pumps suitable for high demanding 24/7 industrial applications.

Built in full compliance with API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE standards, these pumps house a relief valve, an air purge valve, and a mechanically actuated self-replenishing hydraulic system. These features combined protect the pump and the whole dosing system from damages due to overpressures, while granting a proper chemical dosing under any circumstances.

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OBL Blackline XL Series Specification

  • Flow rate from 63 to 1500 l/h (13,8 to 330 gph)
  • Working pressure up to 20 barg or 290 psi
  • Chemical resistant coated cast iron enclosure
  • AISI 316, PVC, PP, PVDF, HAST C liquid end
  • Manual stroke length adjustment, electronic actuator available
  • Built-in relief valve, air purge valve and self-replenishing hydraulic system
  • Rupture detector pressure gauge included
  • Steady-state accuracy ±1%, linearity ±3%, repeatability ±3%
  • Max working liquid temperature +60°C
  • API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE compliant

OBL Blackline XL Series Application

  • Industrial : Water Treatment
  • Waste Water : Tratment
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Mining

OBL makes high quality, plunger, directly driven and hydraulically driven membrane dosing pumps.

The OBL plunger dosing pumps are available in API 675. These OBL pumps are available for pressures of up to a maximum of 400 bar. Because of the pumps robust construction it is highly suited for continuous use.

OBL’s directly driven membrane dosing pumps are available up to a maximum capacity of 520 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 12 bar.

This series of pumps comes equipped with an anodised gearbox which makes these pumps resistant to corrosion and so they are highly suited to environments with a corrosive atmosphere.

The OBL hydraulically driven membrane dosing pumps come in a wide range of designs.The best of the bunch are the API 675 pumps as they are the front runners in terms of technology.

In addition to these OBL pumps reaching a maximum pressure of 250 bar and have a highly robust design, they also have a unique recirculation system for the barrier liquid. This system ensures the barrier liquid is released when under too much pressure, which means the pumps can operate against a closed press and that the barrier liquid automatically returns once the pressure in the discharge line drops once more. These OBL pumps are unique as in contrast to other brands, these pumps keep operating under a high vacuum.

Reference : oblpumps.it

Download : Datasheet

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