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About Degson Heavy Duty Conector

Founded in 1990, DEGSON is a world-famous industrial connection solution provider. It has professional laboratories accredited by both UL and VDE. DEGSON has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34, ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management System certification and it is a national high-tech enterprise.

DEGSON’s products are well sold to over 100 countries and regions, including China, United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, etc. We provide excellent products and professional services to multiple industries such as industrial automation, instrumentation, power, rail transport , shipbuilding ,new energy, elevator, lighting, security, machinery and etc. DEGSON has been recognized by many Fortune 500 companies and leading companies in many industries.

DEGSON adheres to the business philosophy of “pragmatic innovation, Responsibility and integrity, harmonious development, and win-win rules”, continuously integrates global professional technical resources, and builds strong R&D innovation, products manufacturing and technology application capabilities. Based on the global layout, DEGSON offers serialization , multiple varieties and models of high-quality products and services, providing global customers with professional and fast total connection application solutions to help customers continuously create value, and strive to create a smart interconnected world.

Degson Heavy Duty Electrical connector
Degson Heavy Duty Electrical connector

DEGSON has industry-leading mold processing, automatic manufacturing capabilities, it also has advanced testing devices and professional testing technology, to create high reliability, high durability products offer to global users; at the same time, we have strong customization capabilities. Based on global customer demand, providing professional customization solutions, to customers as value-added services.

Degson Heavy Duty Electrical Connector is a world-famous industrial connection solution provider. It has professional laboratories accredited by both UL and VDE. DEGSON has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34, ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management System certification and it is a national high-tech enterprise.

The Products of Degson Heavy Duty Donnector

Heavy Duty Connector

Heavy Duty Connector provides a high degree of protection, which is incomparable for the advantages of the equipment connection system in the harsh environment.

Degson Heavy Duty Connector
Degson Heavy Duty Connector
  • Housing (Can withstand a certain degree of external impact Can meet various wiring requirements)
  • Inserts (Screw, spring cage, crimping, push-in Multiple voltage levels: 0-1000 V)
  • Contacts (Using crimping method, in line with DIN EN 60352-2 standard Space saving, suitable for batch operation, high cost effectiveness)
  • Accessories (Complete variety, including various special tools, etc.)

DIN-Rail Terminal Block

Degson DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks
Degson DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

Degson has full product line of screw type, Push-in type and Spring-cage type. products combination each other can be choosen freely.

  • WS Series Spring-cage connection technology (Spring-cage connection technology, good vibration resistance performance, use an ordinary slotted screwdriver, you can easily install and disassemble the wire unique plug-in bridge, high circuit connection efficiency).
  • DS Series Push-in Connection Technology (Push-in connection technology, tool-free, more fast and convenient, Equipped with dual-channel bridge wells, circuit connection testing is more flexible unique plug-in bridge, high circuit connection effiency)

Terminal Blocks Series

Provide reliable transmission for different devices, flexibly suitable for different appliaction scenarios.

Degson Heavy Duty Electrical Connector
Terminal Blocks Series
  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks (Possess innovative connection technology Solutions for all types of devices)
  • PCB Terminal Blocks (Reliable PCB connection can be realized Multiple inlet angles, to meet different wiring occasions)
  • Barrier Terminal Blocks (Wiring is intuitive and clear Available with cover, without cover and other styles)
  • Through-Wall Terminal Blocks (Reliable and fast installation through the panel Perfect integration of factory wiring and field wiring)
  • Transformer Terminal Blocks (Structural design takes into account the convenience of wiring Self-protection function with fuses makes the connection safer)
  • Feed Through Terminal Blocks (Easily realize panel fixing and space installation fuse or no fuse type totally two types)
  • Metal Parts (The raw material is made of high-quality copper alloy Has excellent electrical conductivity)
  • Enclosure (Different application fields meet the application needs of different scenarios Diversified solutions)

Circular Connectors

High waterproof, high vibration resistance, suitable for harsh working environment. Dedicated to customized services and supporting solutions. it is suitable for almost all fields.

Degson Circular Connector
Degson Circular Connector
  • M Series (Complete variety, compact design, multiple installation methods.Applicable to almost every field).
  • Distributor (T-type and Y-type are optional, suitable for electrical signal distribution in sensor and actuators)
  • Servo Connector (High protection, high vibration resistance, easy installation, suitable for high temperature, high frequency &vibration environment).
  • 7/8 Connector (Suitable for various working environments Optional shielding, multiple installation methods)
  • Circular Customization (Strict management system, fully certified and reliable products, meet customers’ various customized needs).

Electronic Products

Relay/prefabricated wiring harness/relay module/ card IO Plug and play Connection, quick and convinient, save space, the card module is easy to assemble and operate, tool free.

Degson Electronic Products
Degson Electronic Products
  • Relay (Plug-in relay Safe isolation between coil and contact)
  • IO Module (IP20 protection grade, integrated power supply function, 10/100Mbs transfer rate, digital input and output modules)
  • Industrial Switch (100M/Gigabit unmanaged switch, working temperature -40℃~75℃, supporting SFP optical interface module, IP30 protection level, equipped with QoS transmission priority function, BSP broadcast storm anti-interference switch).
  • Controller System Wiring (The cable has a soft jacket and good bending resistance Prefabricated connector, beautiful appearance)
  • Bus I/O (Card Type IO Shell)
  • Multi-core Cable (Provide single-ended and double-ended cables Cooperate with our interface module to achieve fast wiring).

Electric Vehicle Charger

Degson Electric Vehicle Charger
Degson Electric Vehicle Charger

Allow individual users pf electric vehicles to enjoy convenient home-style charging can be installed in charging stations to charge electric vehicles

  • EV Charger (Configure vehicle charging plug and cable Installed in an electric vehicle charging station)
  • Charging Socket (Electric vehicle charging Install on electric vehicles or charging equipment)
  • Accessories (Bag, EV-Park)

EBIKE Connector

High reliability, plug and unplug easy, rich variety, complete specifications of the connector products, suitable for Ebike different equipment between the function of the connection.

Degson EBIKE Connector
Degson EBIKE Connector
  • EBBH Power Connector (Fast connection straightly and directly, Auditory Compact structure and high space utilization)
  • Circular Power Connector (Fast Connection straightly and directly, Auditory and visual feedback after connecting in place)
  • EBBR Rectangular Power Connector (Fast connection straightly and directly. Handle structure can be used to help unlock,when product pulled out).
  • Float Exchanging Battery Connector (The products are matched with each other and have the function of positive and negative insertion).
  • EBM Motor Circular Connector (Compact structure and high space utilization. The male connector protect the terminal providing with a protective).
  • EBC Charging Port (Receptacle with cover flap can effectively protect the interface. High mechanical life).
  • EBS Signal Plug (Compact structure and high space utilization. Automatic alignment when mating and Simple interface).
  • EBS Signal Socket (Operation simply in the way of straight mating. Different colour contribute to recognise).

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