Dynalco Monitoring TMP-200DC

Dynalco Monitoring TMP-200DC 24-Channel DC Powered Pyrometers, The TMP-200DC™ Multi-Point Digital Pyrometer measures the temperature of up to 24 points in any process. 24-channel temperature indicator is powered by 24 VDC. Accepts most popular grounded and ungrounded thermocouple types as well as 100 ohm platinum RTD, depending on model. Integral cold junction compensation. Dynalco serves a variety of customers in the Oil and Gas, Chemical Process, Construction and off-road equipment, Transportation, Power Generation, Marine, Mining, Water and Waste Water and Factory Automation Markets.

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Dynalco Monitoring TMP-200DC  Features

  • Powered by 24VDC
  • Digital readout with 1° resolution
  • Integral 2-pole selector switch permits using grounded or ungrounded thermocouples
  • Fits existing cutouts and mounting holes of other popular pyrometers
  • Fully gasketed; rugged construction

Dynalco Monitoring TMP-200DC Specification

Display: 3-1/2 digit (–999 to +1999), 0.5″ high, liquid crystal display, 1° increment. Brightness increases with ambient light (no outdoors fadeout). Open thermocouple or RTD indicated by a number 1 in the thousands column; all other digits blanked.
Environment Temperature: 0°F to +165°F (–18°C to +74°C); 0.25% maximum effect on readout.

Reference : dynalco.com

Download : Datasheet

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