J. Schneider AKKUTEC 4810

J. Schneider AKKUTEC 4810, The battery backed up DC power supply in the AKKUTEC range uses the standby-parallel principle of operation and, in conjunction with a lead accumulator, ensures that the DC power supply is reliably maintained in the case of a mains power failure.

The Power Supply has the Following Features :

  • Switched primary, switched power supply with I/V charging characteristic
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Microcontroller-based battery management
  • Temperature compensation for charging voltage by means of external sensor module (optional module)
  • Display and control panel for switch cupboard door installation or surface mounting (option)

J. Schneider AKKUTEC 4810 Technical Data

Rated Input Voltage

230 V version

230V AC –15/+10%
Input Frequency 47-63Hz
Max. Switch On Current 65A / 3ms
Output Voltage 39.6…52.8V DC

39.6.. 57.2V DC
(during activated boost charging or temperature compensation)

Final Charging Voltage 52.8V DC ±0.4%
Charging Characteristic I/V DIN 41773-1
Deep Discharge Protection and Load Shedding at 39.6V DC ±0.4%
Nominal Output Current 10 A DC
Constant Current Limiting 1.05…1.1xIANom
 Battery Type  Pb battery, maintenance-free
Max. Power Loss
82 W

230V Version:
Ua=52.8V DC, Ia=20A and Ue=230V AC



400 V Version:
Ua=26.4V DC, Ia=20A and Ue=400 V AC
88.9 %
Earth Leakage Current <3.5mA
Fuse Protection, Primary

230 V version

5 A slow (inside unit)
Max. Series Fuse Protection 10 A slow
Fuse Protection DC Output Circuit 25 A
Fuse Protection Battery Load Circuit, Secondary 25 A
Type of Connector, Primary
‘Netz’ (Mains)
Combicon screw terminal 2.5mm2
Type of Connector, Secondary
‘Ua’, ‘Batt’
Combicon screw terminal 4 mm2
Type of Connector, Interface
Combicon screw terminal 1.5mm2
Type of Connector, Current Share Bus ‘CS’ Spring loaded terminal
Fixation Mounting bracket for mounting plate
UL approvals No

Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet

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