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EMCO Controls was founded 1966 and from our own premises in Hillerød. They’re Denmark’s only manufacturer of dp flow elements, we help customers with build-for-purpose solutions for flow, level, temperature measurement, and DBB valves.

About EMCO Controls

Designing and manufacturing dp-flow meters for a wide range of clients, industries, and applications require knowhow and close collaboration with clients to identify possible issues and reach optimal solutions

Since EMCO’s parts are often critical components in a more extensive system, it is crucial for the customers to be able to trust the expertise EMCO can offer. This trust is shown to EMCO time and time again by great EPC companies and smaller businesses, which has helped EMCO become a recognized supplier/partner in the industry worldwide.

EMCO Controls’ flow measurement equipment is primarily based on the differential pressure principle, which in many applications has compelling advantages. Highly skilled technicians, draftsmen/designers, and engineers are constantly working together to create and optimize solutions for the oil, gas and flow industry. EMCO’s flow product portfolio includes Venturis, cone meters, nozzles, orifices, and Pitot tubes, which we can deliver in everything from carbon steel to super duplex and other exotic materials.


The design and Engineering of our instruments are based on recognized international standards including EN, ISO, DIN, and ASME. Our instruments are manufactured according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). 2014/68/EU and CE, as we hold a module H approval. We continually strive to provide high-quality meters with design innovation to meet our customers’ requirements.

The Products of EMCO Controls

Supporting a wide range of industries with measuring equipment Emco Controls has accumulated vast experience with providing optimal, durable solutions to the Power Sector, Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Waste Management, Chemical industries, and Process industries for the past 40 years.

We design and produce our equipment at our own production facility in Denmark, and we have obtained certification with ISO9001 and EN3834-2. These certifications are a guarantee for the quality we provide and for our effective management as well as for our structured customer dialogue.

Through our experience and know-how within DP-flow measuring, level measuring and temperature measuring, we understand the market’s need and ever-growing demands. As such, Emco Controls are providing solutions for high and low temperature and pressure applications through our ability to design and produce our products in high-grade alloys according to client process specifications.

Based on the client’s requirements we offer standard products and solutions where applicable i.e. Thermowells, Level Switches, Magnetic Level Indicators, Sight Flow Glasses, Level Gauges, and Water Chamber Arrangements.

When clients have specific and often unique requirements for differential pressure flow measuring, we engage in detailed clarification and validation of data together with the client, to come up with the most optimal solution. We assist clients in choosing the proper flow element such as: Venturi Tube, Venturi Nozzle, ISA nozzle, Wedge Flow Meter, Cone Meter (M-Cone), Pitot Tube (PITOBAR), or Flow Orifice Plates.

Flow Equipment

EMCO primary elements measure the flow of liquids, gasses, and steam according to the differential pressure principle. These primary elements each represent their own advantages whether it is requirements for installation, accuracy, extreme process conditions, permanent pressure loss, or maintenance. At EMCO Controls we will help you find a suitable solution for your specific application to ensure optimal flow measurement.

EMCO Controls
Flow Equipments

The primary elements are widely used in many industries including power stations and other thermal installations, such as the chemical, petrochemical, offshore, and water industry. Since primary elements for differential pressure flow measurement has no moving parts, they offer a durability that makes them hard to compete with in terms of product lifetime.

Level Instrumentations

Level measurement equipment is typically used in applications such as tanks or vessels to determine if the liquid level is full, empty, or in between. This can be done in many ways with a variety of equipment.

EMCO Controls
Level Instrumentation

EMCO Controls offers a broad portfolio of options. We manufacture for many different industries, from the local shipyard that needs to replace a single-level switch, to big offshore projects that require specially designed magnetic level indicators with relevant approvals and certificates.


Thermowells for protection of temperature sensors with options for NPT, weld-in and flange connection or for mounting between flanges. Thermowells are used to protect temperature sensors from being exposed directly to the process and enabling the sensors to be removed during operation thus eliminating the need to drain the system and prolonging the lifespan of the temperature sensor. It is possible to construct a thermowell in numerous shapes, sizes and materials in order to fit the requirements of the end users.

EMCO Controls

This means that it is possible to have them customized in order to best fit the conditions in which you want to use them – typically in order to align with size requirements and temperature. Usually, most thermowell types follow the international technical standard: DIN 43772. This standard defines a series of default designs for thermowell types that makes them uniform in appearance as well as functionality.

Restrictions and Critical Flow Devices

Restriction orifice plates or critical flow devices are used to create a lower-pressure output. Our technical engineers will assess a suitable restriction design based on customer requirements and conditions.

EMCO Controls
Restrictions and Critical Flow Devices

For applications with high-pressure drops or noise level requirements, a multi-plate or multi-hole design will be necessary.

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