Delta Mobrey Hydrastep 2468 electronic gauging System

Delta Mobrey Hydrastep 2468 System failure to detect low water levels in the steam-raising plants can have costly and potentially disastrous consequences. Reliable water level detection is vital to prevent damage to plants and personnel.

The Hydrastep electronic gauging system is the ideal ‘fit and forgets’ solution to overcome the problems associated with unreliable and maintenance-intensive gauge glasses. Designed for totally reliable operation, Hydrastep System is both fail-safe and fault-tolerant.

Modern boilers are designed to provide clean, dry steam. Detection of incorrect water level in the drum is essential:

  • Too high a level can give wet steam, leading to turbine blade erosion, and
  • If the level is too low, the boiler tubes can overheat, with the danger of explosion.

All national legislatures require an indication of water level in steam generating plant and drum level indication in the control room is absolutely necessary. Conversely, however, false alarms leading to plant shutdown and loss of revenue are also highly undesirable. Hydrastep System offers exceptional levels of security. All measurements are interpreted as water, steam, or contamination. Both short and open circuit conditions are detected and indicated as faults.

An independent report by Factory Mutual Research concluded that the probability of Hydrastep missing a trip condition is less than 1 in 300 million and that nuisance trips will be less than 1 in 10 million. Hydrastep combines optimum safety indication with virtually no risk of false alarms.

Delta Mobrey Hydrastep 2468 Features:

  • Can be used as part of an ASME compliant system.
  • Zone 2 hazardous area approval, IP65 enclosure.
  • Upgrade path available for Hydrastep 2457 and 2467 systems.
  • Hydrastep start-up, commissioning and maintenance services available.

Delta Mobrey Hydrastep 2468 Specification:

Output Signals

  • Measurement output: 4-20mA or 0-20mA current signal representing the water level.
  • Relay outputs for level alarms and boiler trips Relay or opto-isolated output for fault indication Up to six remote displays via digital comms

Power Supply

  • Power supply (ac option): 94 to 130 V or 187 to 256 V, 48Hz to 65 Hz, 60 VA maximum
  • Power supply (dc option): 20 to 40 V negative ground or isolated.


  • Single or dual power supply inputs depending on options chosen
  • One remote display can be powered by control unit
  • Local power 20 to 54 Vdc, 240 mA required for additional remote displays.


  • Control unit (and optional remote) displays with red/green bar graph of 32 LED segments.
  • Channel fault indication by flashing display segment.
  • General fault indication by amber LED.

Download Data Sheet: Hydrastep 2468 System


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