CBT Bamo Check Valves

CBT Bamo Check Valves can be horizontally or vertically (rising fluid) to allow the liquid to flow in only one direction. The check valve must not directly be fitted at the pump outlet. Before and after the valve, procure pipe straight distances of 5 x ND to avoid any disturbance.

CBT Bamo Check Valves Features

  • Only one possible flow direction
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • From ND 32 up to ND 300
    • With or without spring,
    • Versions: Wafer or with loose flanges


Allows the liquid to flow in only one direction

CBT Bamo Check Valves Specification

Body PVC
Disk PVC
Operating pressure PN 10 (Max. 10 bar at 20 °C)
Seals EPDM
FPM: On request
Wafer, without spring (Fig. 1)
Versions: Wafer, with stainless steel spring (Fig. 2)
Loose flanges PN 10 (Fig. 3),
without spring, zinc-plated steel bolts
(OPTION: With stainless spring on request)
EC Conformity: The instrument meets the legal requirements of the current European Directives.

Download Data Sheet: Check Valves CBT

Ref: bamo.eu

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