IDEC Electrical Control

Idec Control design and build products that make the interactions between people and machines safer, more efficient, and more productive.

General Information

Idec history of obsessing over the details stretches back to our founding over 70 years ago. But where we’ve been isn’t half as interesting to us as where we’re going. Because we’re not satisfied with our past successes. We’re future focused and design centric.

We love a challenge, and our determination to get it right stretches into every corner of our organization. We’re relentless about making systems work smarter. From our products to our unparalleled customer support. That’s our promise. And it really is that simple.

Leveraging control technologies accumulated since its founding, IDEC contributes to realizing a safer and sustainable society by providing innovative solutions globally, not only for the factory automation (FA) industry but also in familiar daily-life situations. In 2017, the French industrial switch manufacturer APEM Group was added to the IDEC Group, expanding its product lineup in the HMI field.

This addition to the IDEC brand enabled market expansion via APEM-brand products that featured superior designability and environmental resistance, allowing the IDEC Group to provide a variety of products and solutions to customers in a broader range of industries.

We are aiming at nothing less than becoming the number one global HMI company, through our dedicated pursuit of quality, durability, and safety in our products, and through a lineup that boasts a designability and an ease of use that anyone can understand. Through our product lineup, we are able to provide countless solutions that bring together humans and machines.

IDEC Control Product


  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Micro PLC: FC6A MicroSmart and FT1A SmartAXIS
  • Smart Relay: FL1F SmartsRelay
  • Operator Interface


  • HG5G 15in High-Performance
  • HG4G 12in High-Performance
  • HG3G 10in High-Performance
  • HG3G 8in High-Performance
  • HG2G 5.7in High-Performance
  • HG2G 5.7in Enhanced
  • HG1G 4in Compact
  • PLC+HMI: FT1A 3.8in PLC+HMI
  • Software
  • Sensors

Universal Photoelectric

  • SA1E Miniature
  • SA1E Miniature Laser
  • SA1U Heavy-Duty
  • Datalogic Automation
  • Proximity: DPRI Magnetic
  • Industrial Ethernet Devices
  • Ethernet Switches: SX5E Unmanaged Switches

Safety & Explosion Protection

Safety Components

  • Safety Interlock: HS1T, HS6B, HS6E, HS5L, HS5D, HS5E-K, HS1L, HS1B, HS2B, HS1C, HS1C-K, HS1C-P, HS1P, HS2P, HS3A, HS7A-DMC, HS7A-DMP, HS9Z, HS5 Door Handle, HS5 Slide, HS5 Slide Handle, HS5 plug, HS5 pado lock, HS1E Series, HS5E Series, HS5B Series,
  • Safety Laser Scanner: SE2L Series
  • Safety Relay Module: HR6S, HR5S, HR2S, HR1S
  • Safety Controller: FS1A Series
  • Force Guided Relay: RF2 and RF1
  • Enabling Switches: HE2B, HE1B, HE3B, HE5B, HE6B
  • Grip Switches: HE2G, HE1G-L, HE1G
  • Safety Light Curtain: SE4D
  • Safety Commander: HT3P
  • Teaching Pendant: HG1P
  • Pressure Sensitive Switches:  Tape Series, Edge Series, SC Series, MS Series, CG  Series

Explosion-Proof Devices

  • Barriers: EB3L, EB3N, EB3C
  • Control Stations: EC2A and EC2B
  • LED Lighting: EF1A Series
  • Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights: EU2B Series and EB3P Series

Switches & Indicators

Switches & Pushbuttons

  • Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights: HW 22mm, LB 16mm, A6 16mm, YW Series, TW 22mm, TWS Series 25mm, TWN Series 30mm, TWND 30m Heavy-Duty, LB 18mm, LBW 22mm, CW 22m, LW 25mm, H6 16mm, A1 10mm, A2 12mm, A8 8mm, LW 22m, ARN Series, ARNS Series, CS Series, MA Series, MC Series, Pado Lock
  • Emergency Stop Switches: XA 16mm, X6 16mm, XW 22mm, XN 30mm, YW Series, Semi Emo Series, Stop Switches
  • Control Station: FB Series, AGAW Series, AGA Series, KGNW Series, KGN Series, AGS Series, AFSA Series
  • Smart RFID Reader: ø22 Smart RFID Reader

Indicator Lights & Buzzers

  • Illuminated Buzzer: HW1Z 12mm, UZ 6 Series, AZ Series
  • LED Indicators: AP22 22mm Series, AP65 Series, AP 8-16mm Series, Up Series
  • Panel Mounted Annunciator: SLC30 Series, SLC40 Series, SLC30 Unit, SLD Series
  • Surfaced Mounted Annunciator: LH Series
  • Light Tower: LD6A Series
  • Digital Panel Indicator: DD3S Series
  • LED Lighting: LF2B Series, LF1B-N Series, LF1A Series, LF1D Series, LF2D Series, LF1B Series

Industrial Components

Relay & Timers

  • Relays: RJ Slim General Pupose, RU Series, RN Series, RH Series, RV8 Series, RY Series, RR Series, RJ Slim Bifurcated, RJ Slim PCB Series, RL Power Relay, RY2KS Series, RR2KP Series, RQ PCB Series, RF2 Series, Rf1 Series
  • Sockets: SJ Series, DF Series, SU Series, SN Series, SF1V Series, One Touch
  • Timers: GT3 Series, GE1A Series, GT5Y Series, GT5P Series
  • Power Supplies: PS5R-V Series, PS6R Series, PS3X Series, PS3N Series
  • Circuit Protectors: NC1V Series, NH1 Series, NRA Series, NRBM Series, NRF Series

Connection Devices

  • Terminal Blocks: BN Series, BA Series, BD Series, BTB Series
  • I/O Terminals: BX Series
  • Wiring System: SX5L Series


  • Code Scanner: WB1F Series and WB2F Series
  • Smart RFID Reader: ø22 Smart RFID Reader


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