J. Schneider AKKUTEC 2420 3ph

J Schneider AKKUTEC 2420 3ph, The battery buffered DC power supply of the series AKKUTEC is working according the stand-by parallel mode and ensures in connection with a lead-acid accumulator a safe continuous DC power supply in case of mains failure.

The power supply has the following features:

  • Primary switched power supply with I/U-charging characteristics
  • active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Battery management by micro-controller
  • Battery voltage tracking of the charging voltage by external sensor module (optional)
  • Display- and control panel for mount in cabinet door or module (optional)
  • redundant operation or Master-/Slave-operation possible

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J Schneider AKKUTEC 2420 3ph Technical Data

Nominal input voltage 3 x 400 – 500 V AC -15% +10%
Nominal frequency 45 – 65 Hz
System voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage(depending on state of Charge of the battery)

voltage range

– with temperature tracking

– without temperature tracking


19,8 V DC – 27,8 V DC

19,8 V DC – 26,8 V DC

Nominal utput current 20 A at 100% ED
Protective system IP 20

safe separation    (safe separation between input and output)

acc. EN61558-2-17
operational temperature 0 – 40 °C
short circuit protection electronic, short-circuit-proof output
Battery external
Battery fuse external
back-up time

depending on battery

charging characteristics I/U DIN 41773 part 1
Opt. temperature tracking
boost Charge via control contact (up to 28,6V)

final charging voltage
without temp.- sensor

with temp.- sensor at 25°

26,8 V DC ± 0,4%

27,8 V DC ± 0,4%

charging current at 100% load 2 A
charging current at 0% load 22 A

deep discharge protection

load rejection at battery voltage ≤ 19,8 V

mains / battery operation ‘Netz OK’ LED green

General error  ‘Fehler’ LED yellow
battery voltage within LED green
battery voltage above LED green


mains/UPS-operation  0,5 A /30 V DC

General error       0,5 A /30 V DC

voltage above    0,5 A /30 V DC

voltage within    0,5 A /30 V DC

control inputs referring to earth on +24VDC Shut down
boost charge
Special features

active current share at Master – Slave respectively redundant Operation with CS bus

time function (load rejection after adjustable back-up time)

expandable In 20 A steps Master/Slave
active PFC harmonic ripple at input according to EN 61000-3-2
PF ~ 0,99

Batterymanagement with internal micro controler,

battery circuit control

control battery circuit/battery fuse each 60 sec.

Real battery power measurement

battery load test during operation. (load of the battery with simultaneous voltage measurement) each 24h


EN 55011/ 1998 class A Group1

EN 50082-1/1.92

EN 50178

type of construction


secondary Ua

Secondary batt

with terminals

2,5 mm²

6 mm²

4 mm²

dimensions 101 x 241 x 244 mm (B x H x T)

2,6 kg

control and Display panel

well readable, 20-digit, 2-line Alpha numeric LC-Display with back-ground illumination

separate possible adjustements for contrast and brightness

supply and data Transfer with 2 wire bus, thus low wiring activity necessary

reading and writing of charging and control parameters

display of status messages in plain text

acoustic Signal for warnings respectively Errors (deactivatable)

possibility of Display of the operational data,  for redundant systems also with only one Panel possible.

easy user prompting

3-button operation

protection of functions by Password Levels

suitable for built in cabinet door (protective system IP54)

Temperature tracking with temperature sensor at terminal strip IO-1 and 2 the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the environmental conditions (26,8-27,8 V). Overtemperature at the batteries (above 45°C) is displayed and announced.


Abort of the UPS – operation

potentialfree gate input

Switch level: 24 V DC (6-45 V DC)


Mounting bracket for mounting plate

UL approvals No

Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet

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