J. Schneider AKKUTEC 2440

J Schneider AKKUTEC 2440, The battery backed up DC power supply in the AKKUTEC range uses the standby-parallel principle of operation and, in conjunction with a lead accumulator, ensures that the DC power supply is reliably maintained in the case of a mains power failure.

  •  The power supply has the following features:
  • Switched primary, switched power supply with I/V charging characteristic
  • Microcontroller-based battery management
  • Temperature compensation for charging voltage by means of external sensor module (optional module)
  • Display and control panel for switch cupboard door installation or surface mounting (option)
  • TEC-Bus on RS 232-Interface (optional module)

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J Schneider AKKUTEC 2440 Technical Data

Rated input voltage

400 – 500 V AC

Input voltage range

360V – 550V     «       400V-10% – 500V+10%

Input frequency

45 – 65 Hz

Rated input current

2,75 A ( 400V AC )

2,2 A   ( 500 V AC )

Max. inrush current

65A / 5ms, i²t = 14A²s

System voltage

24 V DC

Output voltage

(depending on state of charge of the battery)

Voltage range

– without temperature sensor

– with temperature sensor



a) 19,8 V  DC…26,8 V DC

b) 19,8 V DC …28,0 V DC

Final charging voltage

– without temperature sensor

– with temperature sensor

26,8 V DC ±0,4%

27,1 V DC ±0,4% (at 25°C)

Charging characteristics

I/U DIN 41773-1

Deep discharge protection and load rejection at

19,8V DC ±0,4%

Nominal output current

40A DC

Constant current limitation


Battery type

Pb-Akku, wartungsfrei
Pb-Akku, wartungsarm


(Ua=26,8V DC, Ia= Nom

and Ue=400V AC)

91,5% (typ.)

max. power loss ‘worst-case’


Earth leackage current


Fusing primary

3 x 4AT (external)

fusing DC- output circuit

40 A slow acting (external)

Fusing battery load circuit

40 A slow acting (external)

Type of connection primary ‘mains’

Combicon-screw type terminal 2,5mm2

Fastening torque 0,5-0,6 Nm

Type of connection secondary ‘Ua’, ‘UBatt’

Screw type terminal 10mm2

Fastening torque 1,2-1,5 Nm

Type of connection interface

Combicon-screw type terminal 1,5mm2

Fastening torque 0,22-0,25 Nm

Type of connection Current-Share-Bus ‘CS’

Combicon-screw type terminal 2,5mm2

Fastening torque 0,5-0,6 Nm




LED green illuminates:

·  Mains operation
(UE>UEmin and TInt<TIntmax)

LED green
(battery voltage within the monitoring window 21,6< UBatt < 27,9V DC)

LED green
(battery voltage above the monitoring window UBatt  =27V DC


LED red
LED illuminates at:

* Battery operation (during mains operation LED is not illuminated)

* Battery circuit interrupted respective high-ohmic (Testintervall 60s)

* Battery low

* Battery reverse poled

* Battery-over-temperature (only in connection with temperature tracking

Signal in- and outputs

Mains operation 1)

potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A

Fehler 1)

potentialfree relay-contact, changer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


Shut down of UPS mode

Switch input, referring ot earth, switch level: 24V DC (16-80 V DC)

Starkladung (Boost charging)

Activation of boost charging (boost charging voltage 28.6 V DC)
Switched input referenced to earth, switching level: 24V DC (16-80V DC)



appr. 3,3 kg


recommended 0…30°C,
permissible 0…50°C

Operational temperature

recommended 10…20°C (battery life duration!),

permissible 0…40°C

Protective system



290 x 180 x 147 mm (L x W x D)
see section 10


Top hat rail according to DIN EN 50022-35
Alternativ: assembly kit for direct screw fastening on the cabinet installation plate (option)

UL approvals

UL 508


Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet

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