Bamo CAPSYTRON TLS Level Dry Run Protection

Bamo CAPSYTRON TLS Level Dry Run Protection is designed for empty tube detection. It avoids hammer effects when filling a tank. It is designed to detect the presence of liquids whose reactance is <5 kOhm, or even whose coupling capacity to earth is >50 pF. In no case should liquids form insulating or conductive deposits.

Bamo CAPSYTRON TLS Level Dry Run Protection Features

  • Wet parts in plastic materials
  • Compact probe
  • Plug for function test
  • Switches when pipe is empty
  • No moving parts


  • Protection against dry run; Detection of empty filling pipe
  • Prevents hammer effects when air is compressed in the pipe.

Bamo CAPSYTRON TLS Level Dry Run Protection Specification

Power supply 15 … 27 V DC
Consumption < 1 W
Output Potential free Reed contact
N.C. with liquid; N.O. without liquid (in air)
Rated: Max. 50 V AC / DC; Max. 0.5 A; Max. 10 VA for PLC
connection or coupling relay
Connector Screw terminals, IP 20, cable Max. 2.5 mm²
Additional function Connection to an external test button, with which the whole
electronics, wiring and signaling device can be tested.
Probe Or PE, or PP
Length Min. 95 mm
Fitting Union nut BSP 1”, includes EPDM o-ring
Ambient temperature -20 … +60 °C
Pressure limit 2 bar
Housing terminal PBT, IP 65 acc. EN 60529

Download Data Sheet: Level Dry Run Protection CAPSYTRON TLS


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