Bamo GNR 6 Level Indicator


Bamo GNR 6 Level Indicator consists of a transparent PVC tube for direct viewing of the stored liquid level. Standard supply includes the stop valves to allow the disassembly of the measuring tube for cleaning maintenance.

The measuring tube is in transparent PVC, O.D. 63 mm, which guides the magnetic float. On the bottom, the PVC drain plug (union fitting) allows an easy introduction of the float into the measuring tube.

Option: Graduated ruler, PVC ruler, graduated in cm or on request in % or in volume. The ruler is fixed with PE clamps to the measuring tube. Accessories: Level switches BSM or BRK to send a remote signal on/off for alarms or automation of a pump or solenoid valve.

Bamo GNR 6 Level Indicator Features

  • Direct reading on site
  • Measuring tube O.D. 63 mm
  • Wet parts: PVC and PPH
  • Stop valves, included
  • Options: Level switches, graduated ruler


Reading and control of liquid level in a tank; With level switches: Pump and solenoid valves automation, remote alarm signals.

Bamo GNR 6 Level Indicator Specification

Measuring tube PVC, transparent, Ø 63 mm
Stop valves PVC
Seals EPDM (Option : FPM)
Magnetic float PPH, Ø 52 mm, 132 mm high, 170 g
Operating temperature 0… +45 °C
Operating pressure Atmospheric
Fittings Loose flanges, PVC, (PN16)
On request: Threads or unions
Center to center As a minimum: 500 mm
For heights greater than 2000 mm, the indicator is supplied in 2 parts.


  •  Level switches BRK 60 (data-sheet 585-02)
  • Level switches BSM 501 (data-sheet 585-01)
  • Graduated ruler, white PVC

To validate the use of a GNR 6 for your application, please provide the distance CtoC, fluid quality & density, maxima of temperature and pressure, requested fittings & accessories. Standard version is convenient for liquids of S.G. 1 with a viscosity similar to water one.


Code Reference  Fittings Sealing
572 100 GNR 6 / PVC – 63 Flanges ND 50 (PN 16)  EPDM
572 105  GNR 6 / PVC – 50  Flanges ND 40 (PN 16)  EPDM
572 110 GNR 6 / PVC – 40 Flanges ND 32 (PN 16)  EPDM

Download Data Sheet: Level Indicator GNR 6


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