Bamo JAR Level Gauge


Bamo JAR Level Gauge is designed for large metal tanks installed outdoors. JAR is custom made, delivered in several parts for easy transport and installation on site. The graduated ruler is subject to an approval (drawing is sent before manufacture). This level indicator includes a float and a pointer linked together with a cable running on 2 pulleys.

The pointer is used as a counter weight; it slides along a graduated ruler, following the height of the liquid inside the tank. The graduated scale is fixed on the tank by means of adjustable and sliding tees and can be equipped with level switches. Note: In the case of a pulley system, the indication is the inverse image of the level in the tank.

Bamo JAR Level Gauge Features

  • Metallic level indicator
  • Height up to 15 m
  • Graduated ruler in %, m³ or volume
  • Protected pulleys with no-jump system
  • Modular equipment


Level indication for large metal tanks (water storage, lubricant oil, etc.)

Bamo JAR Level Gauge Specification

Operating limits

  • Tank at atmospheric pressure
  • Operating temperature: From 0 °C to 80 °C

JAR kit, base 2980 mm high, includes:

  • 1 float, Ø 200 mm, AISI 316
  • 6 m long cable, AISI 316, Ø 1 mm
  • 2 cable clamps, AISI 316
  • 1 pulley AISI 316, ruler top mounting, with a no jump system, protected in aluminum casing
  • 1 pulley AISI 316, tank top mounting, with a no jump system, protected in aluminum casing
  • 2 transfer tubes AISI 316, Ø 12 mm, each 1 m long
  • 1 pointer with built-in magnet, AISI 316, red painted
  • 1 graduated ruler in aluminum
  • 1 set of 3 sliding tees, adjustable depth


  • Additional section of 1490 mm with 1 fixing tee
  • Level switches (change over contact) BSM 501/J

Download Data Sheet: Level Gauge JAR


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